The new hope: personalized medicine


Rats, mice, fish, pigs, goats, birds, monkeys, cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs. It can be said that there is no species that is not used in animal experiments.

Makaken-Affe beim Tierversuch

Animal experiments are not only unethical and morally objectionable, but scientifically unreliable too. Humans and animals are fundamentally different in their physiologies such that data obtained from animal experiments cannot be applied to humans.

This film by the German NGODoctors Against Animal Experiments” shows some of the possibilities of innovative research methods based on cells of human origin that are scientifically sound and provide human-relevant data.

Mini-organs and multi-organ chips allow a research that not only brings reliable results for humans, but also works without animal experiments.

There is no complete man on a chip yet, but the developments are in full swing.
Single organ chips are already available: Heart, intestine, lung, kidney, liver and currently a mini brain was developed. Watch the video!

Here individual human organs are reproduced. The advantage is that they are based on human material, such as cardiac cells, which, for example, occur during surgery anyway. This will test drugs or other substances. Such organ chips can be connected with small tubes – almost to a mini human.

multiorgan-chip-100-Multi Organ Chip


Who is interested in leaving everything as it is during animal experiments?

There is a billionaire animal experiment lobby behind. Animal experiments can make huge sums of money. Whole industries thrive, from the laboratory equipment companies that sell all the equipment to the breeders of the animals.
Everyone can order animals for experiments as in the catalog.
And, of course, the researchers themselves, who are getting funds for doing animal experiments. The more they publish in professional journals, the more money they receive for new animal experiments.

This is the self-sustaining system of the laboratory mafia.


Apart from ethics, animal experiments are a very fatal aberration, if one believes that he wants to cure or understand human diseases. Although this is spread in the public, but does not correspond to the facts. And the vast majority of animal experiments, more than 40 percent,  serve from the outset the purportedly purposeless basic research.

Of the few drugs that make it to the market, up to 50 percent are withdrawn because they show side effects, sometimes even with death, show, which could not be detected in animal studies before. This is further proof that the animal experiment is not suitable for creating security for us consumers.

kanninchen festgenageltg

Scientific studies prove again and again that animal experiments do more harm than good. Accordingly, announced medical breakthroughs, such as cancer, are missing.

It is a consumer security faked, which is not given in reality. Rather, animal testing is a tool to legally protect companies, such as the chemical industry, in the case someone is harmed or killed.

An end to animal testing does not mean an end to medical research. On the contrary: Without animal experiments, medicine would be much further, because animal experiments only stop medical progress.

My comment: Cancer is a typical example of the chronic failure of animal experimental medicine.
It may be that with some types of cancer certain treatment successes are to be observed.
But given the billions of investments in chemos, radiation, medicines etc … and the millions of cruelly tortured animal victims, the overall balance is sobering to catastrophic.

“The history of cancer research is the story of how to cure cancer in mice. For decades, we have been curing cancer in mice, but it has not worked out in humans” (Dr. Richard Klausner, Director of the American National Cancer Institute).

My best regards, Venus

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