England: Make Yourself at Home !



It started off as a ‘normal’ kind of day; with things planned, computer / site stuff etc; but soon it turned upside down.

So there I was at first sitting in the office doing the new software ‘things’ for the computer; when in walks a fox and jumps up onto the window sill in the office !


I looked at him; he looked at me –  I wanted to stroke his head but declined – he is a wild animal.  So I carried on with the download; he sat there watching me; sometimes looking out into the garden.

He sat about 60cm away from me – real close as you can see – within good touching distance.  But I declined – we made eye contact many times; I sat in my chair; he was on the sill.


It is one of my ‘regulars’ that comes round into the garden every evening, I can tell from the colouring and especially the tail markings (nice healthy Brush), but this is the first time something like this has happened.  Not every day a fox walks into your office and makes itself at home by the window.  I used to do fox recue, but wondered if he was ok.

After a while and a phone call; I got out a friend out from the brilliant Fox Project who are here in Kent, http://foxproject.org.uk/    they caged him; fully checked him over, then took it out the front door and released him.  Real Animal Liberation !

He had, No injuries, no problems; just an amazed Marky. There he was with me in the office like a pet dog; me sitting there downloading software, and him just looking out of the window or at me.

I had to grab a few shots of the Foxy visitor or people would say I am telling bullshit !

I love foxes a real lot and take many photos of them in the garden; but this is going a bit far when they stroll in and pose on the inside window ledge of the office ! – they must keep their distance, be wary of humans really; not make a regular of sitting alongside me in the office; after all, they are wild animals.

It was enjoyable, but not everyone loves foxes as I do – so off you go mate and keep being sly and keep your distance !


One of my ‘normal’ shots – outside in the garden !

The entrance stays closed a bit more from now on !

PS – in the end I got the printer sorted after all this; over 3 hours later than planned, but sorted.  But an all round different, enjoyable day.

Regards Mark


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