Two different countries , the same animal suffering!





An eyewitness recently reported seeing a young horse being forced to carry an oversized load on the Havasupai trail in Arizona. The animal was suffering from apparent extreme heat exhaustion, while swaying back and forth and sweating. Moments later, the horse collapsed and died.

collapsed horse kollabiertes Pferd CR-COI-DBHorses—like those pictured above—endure grueling conditions on the Havasupai trail.


It’s not uncommon for the animals used to transport tourist gear there to suffer or die. They may fall off the steep trails, and those who survive are reportedly left to die. On the trail, they endure horrifying conditions as they’re made to carry grossly overloaded packs while often being denied water, food, or rest breaks in temperatures that routinely exceed 100 degrees.

SAVE Havasupai HorseIn a different incident, involving another wrangler, a horse was reportedly kicked in the face after collapsing.


This horse’s wrangler reportedly has others who are in poor condition, and we need your help to ensure that no more horses suffer the same fate.

Please join PETA and Save Havasupai Horses in urging the Bureau of Indian Affairs to inspect the other animals in this wrangler’s possession immediately and bar the individual from packing horses until the investigation is complete.

Sign and share the Petition:

On a website I found the following information for tourists who absolutely want to see Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon before they die!!!

…”On the way you will always meet mules and horses, sometimes with luggage, sometimes without, sometimes with “master”, sometimes without. Don’t afraid, they are safe and know where to go….”

…”You can ride the mule, either in the canyon or from bottom to top. The mules / horses / donkeys transport u.a. The luggage of the Campground- / Lodge guests on request down to the Supai Village and also back up.
If space is free, you can ask nicely and pay for about $ 80, they also transport exhausted hikers”.

Yes! For $ 80, these animals do slave work for some stupid tourists who want to see the Havasui Falls before the animals die.


As in another corner of the world, in Greece, on the island of Santorini. Another country, other culture but the same animal torture: Last animals, enslaved for tourism who transport meat mountains of stupid tourists until to exhaustion.

588 steps must cope the animals in a blazing heat!
The tourists see a touch of adventure, but for the donkeys is a torment: First, because the animals must spend hour after hour in the scorching sun.

Second, because they have to transport a mostly over-greased human cargo. Due to the heavy load and badly fitting saddles, the backs of the animals rub on, almost all of them carry serious back injuries and open wounds.


After increasing protests from animal rights activists, the Greek government finally takes in Oktober 2018 the problem seriously – and bans obese tourists without further ado. “Animals should not carry more weight than their size, age and physical condition”, said the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food.

Whether the weight limit can be enforced in practice, is still on another sheet of paper, but the animal rights activists are still happy about their small success: “The problem will not be solved in one day, but we have won our fight in which we the international media have pointed this out, “animal rights activists say.

My best regards to all, Venus





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