India: More Brilliant Work From the Crew at Animal Aid Unlimited -22/6/19.



We humans have a tough time describing the personalities of animals. But each of us can probably say that every animal we’ve ever known, from a dog to a donkey, from the cow in the field to the chipmunk on our windowsill, has a personality we can feel, though we may lack the words to express it. That’s why the ability to share their stories through videos has been such a godsend for animals–enabling animals who may be on the other side of the world to reveal themselves as the unique, silly, wise, grand, naughty and indescribably sweet characters they are. 

Thank you. We are delighted to let you “meet” a few more of the precious personalities who are alive today because of your support.


animal aid unlimited india



Sweetest puppy looked like a balloon from severe subcutaneous emphysema


This sweetheart’s tail was almost the only thing she could move as her body filled with air. But she seemed to use her wagging tail to ask for help. And she desperately needed it. Her entire body was swelling up from head to toe as air escaped out of her lungs after a probable perforation following a trauma. We could see the outside wound, but not what was happening inside to cause this balloon effect. At Animal Aid’s hospital our medical team diagnosed her with a rare condition called subcutaneous emphysema. We treated her with antibiotics and compression bandages, and within a few days she felt so much better that she has to show you herself! Meet beautiful Puff today!  


Please donate, for big help to small ones. 


A piece of string almost cost Jitu his legs 


The string was knotted tightly around two of his legs, and this handsome young dog was in an extremely life-threatening situation. We don’t have any information about how this happened but sadly we do suspect it may have been done to him intentionally. The blood supply had been dangerously reduced and the swelling in his legs caused by constricted veins threatened to make his legs necrotic (dead). If a few more days had passed like this, gorgeous Jitu would have likely died a very painful death.

But a caring little boy found this suffering street dog, and told his father, who called Animal Aid to the rescue. Jitu’s suffering must have gone on for several days before he collapsed in agony. But thanks to you, we saved him. Meet sweet Jitu today. 


Please donate, because rescue gives animals back their lives.


Babies in the house, jump! jump!

These dream team kids (baby goats) came into the world a couple of days ago. Their mother had such severe mastitis (infected udder) that she cannot feed her babies so we are bottle feeding them and even when her infection has cleared she is unlikely to produce milk for them. As you might imagine, these tiny little twin brothers came out of the shoot silly, naughty, and 100 percent adorable. We’ve named them Marlon and Darlin’. 


Please donate for babies whose mothers are ill.


Celebrate the Caregivers: Dr Vaibhav 


When Dr Vaibhav Harsola speaks, he is careful, gentle, thorough and efficient–just like his surgeries. Whether a routine spay or a complicated wound repair; an eye removal or an amputation, Dr Vaibhav is an expert at saving lives through his outstanding surgical skills.

Dr Vaibhav also brings a great range of administrative skills and is our liaison with government officials for animal issues in Udaipur. We join many animals in our gratitude that we have Vaibhav’s talent on board.


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