Romanian Sheep Exports on ‘Al Shuwaikh’ – We Have All the Data and Are Now Waiting for the EU to Return From Summer Holidays – Then We Start.



Shu 3

We have now logged the entire journey of the ‘Al Shuwaikh’ with its ‘cargo’ of 70,000 live Romanian sheep all the way from Midia on 15/7/19 through to the final arrival in Qatar on 3/8/19. This includes the stops at Jeddah and Jebel Ali in Dubai to offload animals.

All this data is now stored in our archive ready for when the EU MEP’s, Commissioners etc return from their Summer breaks; when we will launch an all out campaign, along with other international groups we have contacted; over the barbarity of this consignment.

We will be urging the EU to prosecute the Romanian authorities in the harshest way; just as one example, because of the temperatures in which the sheep were transported. Virtually throughout the entire journey the sheep were travelling in excess of the maximum temperatures allowed by EU Regulation 1/2005; which being an EU member state; Romania should be complying with.

Now we have all the data it is simply a waiting game for the EU to return to Brussels; then we will start.




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