China / Australia: Chinese Businessman Invites Tourists To His Lodge – $1,000 A Night To Shoot Australian Wildlife.

australia China


Chinese businessman invites tourists to his ‘wombat hunting lodge’ where people pay $1,000 people pay $1,000 a night to shoot Australian wildlife with shotguns and sniper rifles.

  • Tourists invited to a Victorian luxury hunting lodge to hunt and kill native wildlife
  • It has sparked community outrage amid calls to shut down Murrindindi property
  • The property is owned by wealthy Chinese businessman Tom Zhou
  • A Chinese website for the lodge promises visitors an unforgettable hunt
  • Police and local council are investigating reports of illegal hunting on the site


Read the full article, with photos, at

Photos from the luxury lodge's website invite guests to 'experience a different life in Australia'

The resort website in Chinese states guests use 'all kinds of hunting weapons, including double-barrelled shotguns, small calibre rifles and large calibre sniper rifles'

Tourists have been invited to the Murrindindi property to shoot Australian native wildlife, including wombats (pictured on the resort's website)


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