Humanity: a killer machinery


Affe und Zitat_n


There are millions of wild animals in captivity worldwide – in zoos, theme parks, sanctuaries, dolphinaria, circuses and elephant camps.


There are also many other individual captive animals exploited for human entertainment. Many of these animals are kept in poor conditions – neglected, suffering or abused.

elephant unter wasser

We want to prevent the suffering of wild animals in captivity and encourage people like you, whether in your home country or overseas, to look out for captive wild animals and flag your concerns.

You can report your concerns, highlight animal welfare issues, share information, and provide advice and guidance – here: 

Learn how to take action to help animals.

Many of these animals are kept in poor conditions – neglected, suffering or being abused.

The illegal trade, for example, with monkeys is a billion dollar business.



A gorilla baby can cost up to $ 250,000.

High in demand as pets in affluent homes or as performers in commercial zoos, baby chimpanzees have a cost of $ 12,500.


Affen in Zirkus_n

Wildlife trade, including in social networks, is booming.

Many animals are smuggled in regular airliners, such as the drug-pumped orangutan.
He was found in the suitcase at the international airport in Bali. Thousands of wild animals were raided in July, including 23 primates, 30 large cats, more than 4,300 birds, nearly 1,500 live reptiles and nearly 10,000 turtles.

Among them were rare parrots found crammed together in a cage in India or dead zebrafish who died in smuggling to Brazil.

We have already reported on Zimbabwe’s inhuman capture of wild elephant babies for Chinese zoos.
What these elephant babies expect is cruel.

Elefanten reiten-jpg

But even Asian elephant babies are captured and abused for tourism.


And it is thanks to the attentive people that malnourished animals could be helped in circuses in Vietnam.
These people have posted the harrowing images on the net.

Monkeys, turtles and even sharks have been secured in the world’s raids against the illegal trade in wild animals.
A spokeswoman for Interpol said the police arrested 582 suspects, and further arrests and prosecutions would follow.
Among the seized animals were nearly 10,000 marine animals, including sharks and dolphins, as well as 10,000 turtles and more than 4,300 birds. In addition, the authorities seized large quantities of ivory and animal skins, including crocodiles.

Singapore-based Operation Thunderball targeted cross-border crime networks that wanted to benefit from the activities of the species smuggling. It was the third such Interpol mission in recent years.
geschmugeltes Orangutan Baby 2jpg

At the Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali, an orangutan was drugged and placed in a basket in a suitcase.
The orangutan was forcibly given medications mixed with milk, causing him to lose consciousness. This time it is a Russian tourist who wanted to smuggle the two-year-old orangutan out of the country.


There are only a few red-brown apes in the world anyway and they are brutally hunted or just drugged and smuggled like this little orangutan! Whether the mother is alive, we will never know.

The rarer a species is, the more it is said to keep such an animal as a pet.

A former smuggler said smugglers frequently used commercial flights and paid corrupt officials. The demand for orangutans is increasing. At least three orangutans are taken out of the jungle every week. The mothers are hunted and killed for an orangutan baby.

Orangutan mutterg

The destruction of the jungles of Borneo and Sumatra for palm oil plantations makes the extinction of the orangutan almost a guarantee. But also animal smugglers and people who buy babies as pets have accelerated the process.

In Asian zoos, circuses and safari parks, large-scale productions are performed with costumed, dancing, roller-skated apes.

Research shows that almost all of these trained primates were not bred in captivity but came illegally outside of Africa and Indonesia, with destinations in China, Thailand and other Asian countries.

Affenmutter mit babypg

The crime does not end with the impact on the animals’ lives, it also kills people. It has been estimated that over 1,000 rangers have been killed trafficking illegal wildlife over the past decade, protecting animals from poachers.

My comment: The fundamental rights of life, liberty and bodily integrity – rights that every person reading this piece demands or takes for granted –are created by humans and only exclusive for human animals.

People can fight for their freedom, animals can not. That is the big difference between all liberation movements in relation to humans and the liberation of animals.

Today, we live in the largest system of apartheid of all time, under the most intensive use of all technical and scientific possibilities: everything for the welfare of the people and everything for the exploitation of the animals.
And on the other hand, the flood of humanity is spreading like an all-consuming plague … it’s a criminal world we live in!

My best regards, Venus

One thought on “Humanity: a killer machinery”

  1. Mankind is the only Evil on this planet , because Speciesism.and Greed.Because of this Evil on the planet there is no true harmony and happiness but all Earthlings suffer because of humans. Speciesism must end, and also money free revolution could help.


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