Ursula von der Leyen: new game, new luck!




First of all, I would like to make one thing clear: Ursula von der Leyen was selected, like a miracle, as the new EU Commission President from the back room in which Merkel and Macron compared their power. She is now a kind of head of government for Europe.

ursula-von-der-leyen-New EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen


It is not understandable!

The frustrating thing is that nobody seems to bother which people are responsible for which areas of the commission.

Ursula von der Leyen is professionally not in the least suitable for the EU-Kommission, not to say, from the standpoint of animal welfare. The entire process has little to do with transparent action, rather with the ingenious talent of Merkel to intrigue effectively;  she still can it, she can win the big intrigues of chess.

GERMANY-POLITICS-VOTE-CDUGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel


This designation, which incidentally came without big notice, was a reassurance for the Chancellor Merkel that von der Leyen will not be her successor.

A very good commentary on the suitability of the new Commission chief was found in the British Times: “There is real doubt as to whether she has enough political character and courage to shape European politics, or not just a puppet of the French President and the German Chancellor who made her what she is. “

What is surprising in this election farce is the person. As a minister in several departments,  von der Leyen has failed terrific so far. Why must such one still be promoted? As Defense Minister of Germany, for example, she has failed.

Ursula von der Leyen in 2013, as Defense Minister, said: “:  The most important thing is the person and not the issue of material costs. The material must be so good that the human being, the people who work here, are also protected. It is important for me to show that I am there for the soldiers … They can rely on that … I am wholeheartedly proud and grateful to be your Minister of Defense. (…) I take this task very seriously. “
E voilà ! the EU can be upgraded and militarized and will soon be able to independently implement climate, enlargement and proxy wars.
Well then … nothing can go wrong. She is the right one !!

Is this case an exception or is it part of the normal EU procedures?

There is always talk of renewal, but the structures are not questioned. At the same time we know that the structure determines the function. So we have to define new structures that will help to avoid the old mistakes and help us to find better and faster solutions in the future.

In which political decision of the European Commission do we find that? Who’s talking about it … ??

If Ursula von der Leyen fulfills the role of European Commission President with the same “Elan” how she as former Secretary of Defense has done, the welfare of the animals will change as much (or as little) as before.

My best regards to all, Venus


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