When animal rights become a business…


There is a nice anecdod that illustrates the absurdity in our live very well:

A gentleman goes to the psychiatrist: “Doctor,” he says, “my brother thinks he is a chicken.”
“And why don`t you bring him to the clinic?” asks the doctor
“I would like to do that, but I need the eggs”!

It’s the same in life, we see the absurd, the paralogue, but we need the eggs.
Therefore, it is not very easy to admit that the EU has failed at every level if one is well paid by the EU.
Everyone needs the eggs!

In the case of the EU Commission the absurdity is only a harmless word, we should actually speak of convinced animal haters.

Who else would extend the castration of the piglets without anesthesia?
Who else would prolong the chick shredding?
Who else would bury the 8-hour campaign in the sand, despite the 1.2 million signatures?
Who else would let criminals animal tansporteure unpunished if they drive animals with 40 degrees to death?
Who else would have slaughterhouse operators continue to work if they sent pregnant, sick and injured animals for transport?

The questions go to Eurogroup for Animals, because according to their statutes they are the skilful actors to transform animal suffering to animal welfare, as a trusted bridge between the European Commission and animal suffering!

Nobody would deny that the driving force of any Eurogroup for Animals member is the defense of animal rights, at least in the first phase. It is more difficult for anyone to understand, how is it possible to work for them, who the animals demonstrably hate and have not done anything else until now, rather than closing lucrative deals with those who live on animals.

In that sense, a job for Animal Rights in Brussels is like any other job, except that it is seductively rewarded.
Over time, and having experienced all facets of anger and disgust inside ourselves for the validity of the EU Commissioners, we believe that we should not expect any improvement from either groupings or individual officials.

The groupings, because they do not even believe themselves that they have the power to persuade and convince the inept and unwilling commissars to take action.
But they need the eggs, they stick to it.
The commissioners because they have no interest in defending neither animal rights nor human rights (the case of Catalonia, a sad proof), and because the EU, as the largest agricultural lobby, has betrayed the animals.

For a long time, we have only known EU Commission and Eurogroup for animals as egg sellers from happy chickens.

My best regards to all, Venus

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