India: August 2019 – Latest Rescues and News From ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’.


animal aid unlimited india


Dear Mark,

Rain is pouring but spirits are soaring because we need the rain to raise the ground water table in the arid Udaipur region. Donning rain coats and slogging through very muddy ground our amazingly devoted staff and volunteers arrived on Thursday for the double festival of Rakhi and India’s Independence Day. After singing India’s national anthem we moved into the Rakhi mode, celebrating with bracelets tied on each other’s wrists to signify protection of one another.

After terrible abuse, Frankie was abandoned to die. But we saved him!

Multiple knife-sharp ropes cut into an abused donkey’s leg. We saved Frankie’s life with 3 months of wound dressings, and he’s happy now.

This is the story of one donkey, but abuse happens to almost all working animals. They are so often hurt, whether as bullocks used in agriculture or elephants used for tourist rides. We hope Frankie’s story can help inspire all of us to speak out against abuse of the vulnerable wherever they are, whoever they may be.

Please donate for the medical care of animals rescued from abuse


Setting them free! 6 heart-thumping animal rescues

A donkey’s legs flail when he’s completely stuck upside down in a ditch…a dog is suffocating with his entire head caught in a plastic jar…an enormous cow is trapped after falling into a well, and more! How to hoist and carry and pull them into safety?

These beautiful rescues will leave you breathless.

Please donate for street animal rescue in India.


The Lemon Tree Team brightened up a very rainy afternoon with smiles and animal love.

Biggest staff group ever to visit–thank you to LEMON TREE HOTEL! 

lemon tree india

With the largest employee group ever to visit Animal Aid, we were thrilled to welcome the staff of The Lemon Tree, a luxury hotel opening soon in Udaipur, whose general manager Rahul Kargaonkar and Alwin Divarkaran have been long-time animal protectors. They’ve been feeding 11 street dogs in the construction site of the new hotel, and say they will remain welcome residents after the hotel opens. Animal Aid will sterilize all of them within the next few weeks. Thank you so much Lemon Tree People for brightening up our rainy afternoon with your incredible commitment to helping animals


Celebrate the Caregivers: Kesar!


Often moving at lightning speed, here comes Kesar Gameti, who for 5 years has given incredible care to the 30 disabled dogs who live in the shelter area–Tarzan with cerebral palsy, 2.5-legged Hero, arthritic Buddy, behaviorally challenged Annie, (said only with a half smile), “otherly-abled” Horse (one heck of a distemper survivor) and a luscious batch of others, each with his or her own reason for needing to live in Animal Aid.

Kesar is as dear to each as they are to her. She bathes them, feeds, cleans, combs, and encircles each one with the most beautiful loving care. There are many souls in Animal Aid whose happiness is owed to Kesar (and many of them are human, too!)



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