Climate crisis: Stop eating meat


“But humans have eaten animals before,” is a popular argument. True, he has also shitting in the woods and sat naked by the fire. Apparently, change is possible – and there are good arguments for the move to meat-free life.

Fleisch-frisch geschlachtete Kühejpg

Meat is currently on everyone’s lips – not only as food, but also as a topic of controversy. Because already since 2013, when the Bild newspaper (Germany) falsely called an article “The Greens want to ban our meat!” called, the German average citizen is in turmoil!! The propaganda in the sense of meat lobby showed effect.

klimawandel-hängende SchweineThe word “meat production” already shows how alienated man is from his food and the misery associated with it.


The lie made sure that the VeggieDay” – which demanded only a larger selection of vegetarian alternatives in canteens and canteens on Thursdayfell into disrepute at that time and only occasionally prevailed. But since Pope girl Greta made climate change fit for the masses, more and more demands are being made and these are becoming increasingly radical.

Meat renunciation in the fight against climate change

So politicians and animal rights activists want to increase the value added tax on meat from nine to 17 percent in order to invest the profit in better livestock conditions and to reduce meat consumption. The World Climate Council also recently issued a warning to turn around meat consumption in the fight against climate change.

Although the number of vegetarians has increased in recent years to four percent, the per capita consumption of dead animals has hardly fallen. “Obviously, another part of the population has increased meat consumption in parallel,” says the meat atlas of 2018.

Schweine beine verpacktnThe Germans eat over twelve billion animals per year, including numerous pig carcasses.


Despite climate change: so much meat does the German eat

According to calculations by the Vegetarian Federation, every German in his or her life eats an average of around 1094 killed land animals. Fish and marine animals do not even appear in this bill:

four cows or calves
four sheep
twelve geese
37 ducks
46 turkeys
46 pigs
945 chickens

But this eating behavior of the average German contributes actively to climate change. Because one causes with his/her current lifestyle, an output of about 11.6 tonnes of CO2 per year – as the figures of the climate computer from the Federal Environmental Agency. Of these, 1.74 tonnes are for food and 0.45 tonnes (25%) for pure meat consumption. If all Germans were to forego the consumption of meat, we could cut annual output by 37 million tonnes (out of a total of 866 million tonnes, around one percent).

No baby steps in climate change possible

In addition, factory farming occupies an enormous area in Germany, which can also be used, for example, to grow cereals, fruits and vegetables from organic farming. We would win twice and slow down climate change. Because we can only save the world from a climatic catastrophe by making a contribution to everyone – and that is why meat abstinence should be a first step.


The least, however, must be that every person drastically reduces their meat consumption – otherwise he contributes actively to climate change, which we should better call climate crisis.
Because it is not done with baby steps, should be aware of every educated earthlings, meanwhile.


Not only because of climate change, but also for ethics!

Besides the positive contribution in the fight against climate change, the ethical component of vegetarianism also plays a role: the consumption of meat requires the killing of a sentient being who is suffering panic at slaughter. And why? To have a food on the plate that has little micronutrients and can even make you sick.

For those who are reluctant to eat meat, the next time they visit their favorite restaurant, they can imagine a sick pig squeezed into their little enclosure and rolling in their own stink. Well then, good appetite!

Schwein in seinen Scheißen


No comment, but… The next time you want to eat meat, think about this picture.

kuh mit blutendem Kopf_n

My best regards to all, Venus


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