Spain: The Asshole Gets A New Second One !

spanische flagge mit Stier

As Ricky says – the asshole gets a new asshole !


Gold-clad Spanish bullfighter gets his deserved justice as he is gored in the groin during Basque culture celebration

  • The painful moment a Spanish bullfighter was gored in the groin was captured in a series of grueling images
  • Paco Urena was tussling with the animal as part of the Semana Grande fair in Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain
  • A photographer captured the moment a bull lunged its horn between his legs at the Vista Alegre bullring
  • Mr Urena had also been pictured smiling as he held two bull’s ears as trophies as part of Semana Grande
  • The celebration of Basque culture sees thousands of festival-goers descend into northern Spain’s streets

asshole 1

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