Amazonas: now only praying helps!


Brasil pg


Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro is a major threat to Latin America’s largest democracy to date. Because he is a proponent of dictatorship, torture, the death penalty and the machine gun in every living room.

Bolsonaro has already stated in the election campaign that he would have accepted no result other than his victory. He never recognized his rival candidate Fernando Haddad as a political rival. He described him and his supporters as “red bandits” who should be “wiped out”.
He announced that he will imprisone Haddad, without saying for what offense. He spoke of a “purge, such as Brazil has not yet seen.” There is no democratic rule of play that Bolsonaro has not yet broken, no elemental human right that he has not yet threatened.

It is therefore not necessary to seek historically clear concepts such as “fascism”. Also no comparison with Trump, Duterte, Pinochet or even with Hitler helps now further to describe the Brazilian`s head of state.
Suffice it to call Jair Bolsonaro what he is: a glorifier of violence. A proponent of dictatorship, torture, the death penalty, the machine gun in every living room.

In Congress, his party represents the second largest faction. He is also supported by a cross-party alliance of religious fundamentalists, ex-military and landowners. This so-called Bancada BBB, the bible, lead and bull faction, will be jointly owned by a majority.

Almost everything that threatens Bolsonaro sounds so absurd that the suspicion arises that it is tasteless jokes. Demoscopes are amazed at a strange phenomenon: many of his voters said it was not a problem to vote for him because he would not implement what he said. That has proved to be error!

This was not a choice left-wing extremism or right-wing extremism, between plague and cholera, as many have claimed from the social center to justify Bolsonaro’s support. It was, in order to stay in the picture, more of a choice between a cold and heart attack. Brazil has decided to infarct.

One of the key projects of Bolsonaro’s dictatorship was from beginning the release of the Amazon for economic exploitation. A chainsaw massacre is imminent. Bolsonaro also openly considered leaving the Paris agreement on climate change, in which Brazil plays a key role.

Bolsonaro is not only a threat to Brazil, but to the entire world. The Brazilian Amazon, the world’s largest rainforest, plays an essential role in halting climate change. Bolsonaro, as well as the military and agricultural lobbyists who have power with him, deny it. But the burning Amazon proves it.


This planet is already punished with a president Donald Trump.
It can not tolerate President Jair Bolsonaro anymore


My comment: Only France and Ireland are in favor of a blockade of the Mercosur Treaty, Germany is ONLY outraged.

The EU is the biggest soy buyer of Brazil, the rainforest is burning to feed our pigs.

But there is another question:  Why does Germany want to remain loyal to a contract if the partner has proven to be an environmental terrorist?

We have petitions, donations, worldwide protests, massive media war even from the conservative side.
But we still have not made the most important thing: the abolition of the Mercosur Treaty.

And it will not happen because: the federal government is against the Blocade of the Mercosur Agreement.
“The agreement contains an ambitious sustainability chapter with binding climate change regulations “ a government spokesman said, ” a non-closure would not be the appropriate response to what’s happening in Brazil right now.  We must support Brazil in its efforts to quickly overcome this severe crisis”!!!

Which would be the “appropriate” response?

The Bolsonaro government does not make any “efforts” and sees no “crisis”; The “forest fires” are indeed targeted slash-and-burn, Bolsonaro must tolerate them, for which the sponsors have brought Bolsonaro into office. He is the puppet of violent landowners. He is much worse than a fascist. A guru-obedient clown with an obscure environment, extremely reactionary, a plaything in the hands of powerful landlords and industrial bosses.

Which would be the “appropriate” solution?

The Hambi forest in Germany only survived because some people chained to trees, not because we suddenly discovered our environmental awareness.
That means we have to take to the streets if we want to save our planet.

Best regards to all, Venus





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