Brazil: 3,800 cows are threatened with death


Brasil pg


A transport ship from Brazil with 3,800 cattle on board is anxious to enter the port of Cartagena on Monday, August 26th.

Viehtransport per Schiff g
The CBN reported the Easy Horse Rescue Center from Rojales, which had received information from the transport company. In Cartagena, the livestock transporter Julia AK usually stops on the route from South America to Turkey in order to charge food and water for the animals.
This time it appears that this will prevent a new court order and the port administration will not give the ship a green light. The company believes that the legal hurdle in a few days to master – but that is too much for the hungry and “rather lightweight” animals. They would not survive.
Sue Weeding of theAnimal Sanctuary”: “This story and the plight of these cows is especially timely considering the fires in the Brazilian Amazon. The livestock sector accounts for 80 percent of the rainforest’s deforestation. If the forest is cleared for animals that then starve to death under unreasonable conditions at sea, it is pathological and a huge waste of environmental resources. ”

My comment: And if the legal hurdle can not be mastered in a few days?

The “Amazon method” is used: Let the animals starve to death, there are only 3,800 cows less!!
If Brazil burns thousands of animals in the Amazon with fire, why would the company hesitate to send 3,800 cows to their deaths?
No! It is not only pathological how Brazil deals with animals and nature.
It is a fascist, criminal extermination method of some oligarchs Brasils for profit.

My best regards to all, Venus


Update from Mark 2145hrs GMT 27/8:

we are watching this ship actions via satellite, just as we did the ‘Al Shuwaikh’ with the Romanian sheep.

It is currently South East of Almeria / San Jose – Spain – Mediterranean Sea.

2019-08-28 00_55_12-Julia AK

At the moment we know the vessel is underway to the South of Spain doing about 13.5 knots – we will see what happens on 28/8.  They can run but they cannot hide – we are watching them all the time.

Regards Mark

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