The world: a cemetery


August 28, 2019 – 9:49 am, Greenpeace


brasilien feuer4-3

“Everything we see down there is dead”

If you have not seen it with your own eyes, it’s hard to imagine what the fires are doing in the Brazilian rainforest. “This is not just a forest fire, it’s a cemetery, everything we see down there is dead,” says Greenpeace activist Rosana Villar. She flew over the affected area to get an impression and she is appalled. In the video we show how the local people suffer from the fires.


The G7 wanted to support the Brazilian government with money for firefighting.

But the president, Jair Bolsonaro, does not want to accept the help. Instead, he demands that the French president apologize to him. He now had to take criticism from his governors. The regional leaders of the Amazon region fear a huge image damage, if Bolsonaro continues to do so.

“If Brazil isolates itself at the international level, it will face serious trade sanctions against our producers,” said Flavio Dino, the head of state of Maranhão. “I think we should now take care of our problems,” says Hélder Barbalho, governor of Pará.

Defense Minister: “It is not out of control”

The number of fires has now increased to 82,000, as the Brazilian space agency INPE announced. Many fires were apparently laid by farmers, who want to create more space for fields around pastures.

But because it is just as dry in the region, the flames repeatedly attack forest areas and cause great destruction.

The government has now sent the military to the Amazon region to fight the fires. About 2,500 soldiers, 15 aircraft and helicopters and ten ships are in operation, said the Ministry of Defense. Some fires had already been pushed back. Is the situation serious? ” Yes, but it has not got out of hand, “said Defense Secretary Fernando Azevedo. Hopefully he will be right, because the dry season has just begun.

karte-der-nasa-zeigt-wo-die-welt-unbemerkt-brennt. 2jpg

If you look at space from space, it seems that also parts of Africa are completely burning: every red dot represents a fire within the last seven days – the earth’s surface in parts of central and eastern Africa is barely recognizable.

Indonesien zeigt-wo-die-welt-unbemerkt-brennt

In addition to Brazil and Africa, Indonesia is also suffering from devastating forest fires: According to the Indonesian Ministry of the Environment, 42,740 hectares of rainforest were affected by fires nationwide in the first five months of this year – even before the dry season had even begun. That is almost twice the area of the previous year. With a total of 95 million hectares of tropical forest, Indonesia is one of the most important countries for rainforest protection.

My comment: Nobody really seems to know what kind of biblical catastrophe threatens our planet. That’s why nobody seems to care.
In contrast, every minute was recorded during the fire of Notre Dame and within days were collected over 900 million euros in donations.

Will a restored cathedral help us if we have no more air to breathe?

My best regards to all, Venus





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