Australia: Reef scientists are begging for climate action. The Government Does Not Seem to care. Make Your Voice Heard.


Reef scientists are begging for climate action.


Hundreds of experts just issued a shocking new report: coral breeding cycles are collapsing, currents are shifting by hundreds of kilometres, and the Reef’s health has been downgraded to “very poor” for the first time ever.

And the Morrison Government’s response? Hide. Deny. Distract. Like when he tried to get Pacific Island leaders to shut up about climate change.  Like when he pressured UNESCO to ignore the impact of climate on the Reef.

Morrison is desperate to bury the story of the climate crisis and keep big coal donors happy.

But the tide is rising. And so must we. The report is so damning, it’s already making headlines across the world.

The scientists said it best: “actions taken now will matter.”

STAND WITH SCIENTISTS: Sign the petition and make their call for action too big to ignore!


This news is so devastating, even Morrison can’t make it go away.

After 5 years of comprehensive research, coordinated by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, scientists have found:


  • The waters of the Reef have already warmed by 0.8 degrees


  • The number of new corals plummeted by 89% after the latest round of mass bleaching


  • Not only has the East Australian Current already warmed, it’s moved South by 350 kilometres


  • CO2 pollution has made the ocean more acidic, eroding coral skeletons (oceans are acidifying faster than any time in the past 50 million years)


  • The unprecedented damage to the Reef threatens Traditional Owners’ quality of life, songlines and enduring connection to sea country

Right now, we’re preparing a simple, plain-English summary of the 374-page report to get in front of every MP and press gallery member. With your help, we can build up pressure on MPs from all sides of politics to demand answers when parliament goes back in a week. First, we need hard proof that voters are demanding action in numbers too great to ignore.

Sign now to demand all MPs join you in speaking out about this devastating news.

The Reef is one of the world’s most adored natural wonders. It is the sea country home for more than 70 Traditional Owner groups. It provides meaningful work for 70,000 people.

As well as a stark warning, the scientists also delivered a message — now is the time to step up, not give up:

“It is important not to lose optimism by thinking the job is too big, or to think that a changed Reef is far in the future — actions taken now will matter.”
Will you join the call for every single MP to step up and tell the people what they are doing to save the Reef from the climate crisis?

In the years we’ve defended the Reef together we’ve stopped dredging, overturned plans to expand Abbot Point Port, forced shipping companies to steer clear of some of the most fragile ecosystems, and blocked the construction of the biggest new coal mine on earth.

Together, we are powerful. Today, the Reef needs us more than ever.

For the Reef,


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