Cape Verde: 200 death dolphins and no one knows why


Nearly 200 dolphins stranded themselves on a beach of Boa Vista island off the coast of West Africa on Tuesday.



Authorities in the Cape Verde islands have called on Spanish experts to help determine why the mammals beached themselves.

island tote dolphinejpg

Officials, residents and tourists managed to drag some of them back out to sea, but many returned.

Mystery as 200 dolphins wash up on a tourist beach on Cape Verde – with some beaching themselves after locals managed to drag them back to sea.

Despite their efforts, authorities had to bury 136 dead dolphins.

tote dolphine in islandpg

Although some of the dolphins swam off and survived the mass beaching, experts fear that they may not have long left to live due to the trauma of their ordeal.

Scientists believe that the leader of the dolphin school may have got lost or disorientated and the rest of the animals followed.  

BIOS Cape Verde, a volunteer environmental association in the former Portuguese colony, said on its Facebook page Friday that it took samples from 50 dolphins and four others were placed in deep freeze by the local council.


The group said veterinarians from the University of Las Palmas in Spain’s Canary Islands are due in the coming days to perform tests.

Activists warned that similar incidence have been seen in the past and called for the protection of the the diverse wildlife off the Atlantic coast of Africa.

In March it was reported that 1,100 dolphins had beached themselves on the shores of France in just three months, a 40-year record high.

Many were mutilated with injuries sustained from being trapped in fishing nets and having their fins cut off.

My comment: Again and again there are reports of mysterious animal mass extinctions.
The mass extinction of the sea mammals is no more enigmatic and no less rare.

There are several reasons for this:
– The oceans are getting more and more polluted and overfished, they acidify and heat up, the oxygen content sinks.
– Drilling or the search for gas and oil deposits with compressed air guns produce the sound waves that irritate the sensitive sensory organs of the animals and take their bearings.

This brings us back to the conclusion that the human species is (mostly) the designer of such massacres!


paul Watson Spruchjpg

My best regards to all, Venus


3 thoughts on “Cape Verde: 200 death dolphins and no one knows why”

    1. That’s right, Kenneth W. Lovette!
      I just want to add a small correction in your statement.
      Paul Watson has never been a dreamer!
      He has not dreamed of another planet, he has tried with daring and radical means to combat crime and illegality in the sea.
      Often with success, often without.
      We are at war, the fight for the rights of animals is a war against corrupt systems, corrupt politicians and their lackeys.
      Whoever fights can lose.
      Who does not fight has already lost.
      Regards, Venus


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