…for the world animal day


bild mit liberation animalpg


We know that animals have no rights anywhere in the world, from clams to primates. What we, the human species, define as animal rights is merely a limitation of the violence and exploitation that we attribute sui generis about the existence of “other” animals.

We want to remind everyone of this fact today.
We must stop being the perpetrators, the animal tormentors, the privileged class in the animal kingdom, the rulers.
The World Animal Day is a memory of the still long way of fighting for the rights of animals.
If no animal is discriminated against because of its species affiliation, then we can speak of a just world.

In this sense, our contribution to this day is to confirm that we will continue to fight for our fellow creatures so that injustice stops and every “other” animal gets what it deserves: the right to life, freedom, happiness.


Schöner Slogan über Tatlosigkeit_n“Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war.” — Martin Luther King


Kätzche nach Schutz suchend

“It is not an act of kindness to treat animals respectfully. It is an act of justice” – (Tom Regan)


Blöde Kinder beobachten Gorilla_n

“Who has rights is respected. Who has no rights is despised!” (Bertolt Brecht)


fuchs hängt vom Schildpg

“No animal ever tortures, only to torment; but man does this, and that makes the devilish character, which is far worse than the mere animal!” (Arthur Schopenhauer)


Gefesselter Affe_n

“The deliberate transformation of a living being into a bundle of suffering and dumb despair is a crime – what else should be a crime?” (Prof. Dr. Robert Spaemann)


zusammengebrochenes eseljpg

“If you do not close your eyes, ears, brain and heart to how terribly people treat animals, you MUST love the animals more than the people who tyrannize, torture and kill these innocent animals” (Helmut Kaplan)


schönes Bild mit weisser katze und Welpe

“There is no fundamental difference between human and animal in their ability to feel joy and pain happiness and misery” (Charles Darwin)


My best regards to all, Venus

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