EU: aid to animal mass murder


Pro-Brexit supporters burn an EU flag during a UKIP demonstration in central London


Animals’ Angels visits numerous local wildlife markets in the Middle East where sheep and goats are sold.

Overall, the markets are relatively neat and all animals get at least water and food. There are shadows in all paddocks and the fans are running. Most animals come from the region – but today we also find sheep from Romania!

In the past, Australian sheep were sold here instead. But since this year, Australia has at least during the hot summer months, an export ban in the Middle East pronounced. But what is the EU and its member states doing? Instead of following the example of Australia, EU countries – such as For example, Romania -use this “gap” and export their animals to the Middle East. Europe should be ashamed!

We are shocked by the condition of the Romanian sheep: they are extremely dirty from top to bottom, their fur is completely stuck to excrement. Some sheep cough or have nasal discharge. The heat and high humidity make them even harder to manage. Some pant with their mouths open or lie exhausted on the ground.
We do not want to imagine under what bad conditions Liviu and the other sheep were transported by ship from Romania, that they look so dirty and miserable.

australische schafen

Adding to all the suffering, there is another paradox: actually, the sheep do not want anyone here. They are later sold off as “cheap meat” for the guest workers, which does not even cost a third of the price that is demand for local sheep.

We complain against the EU and its Member States, which once again failed to ban animal transport at least during the hot months. Instead, they seek profit at any cost, throwing any ethics overboard.


In the EU idiots or corrupt have the say.
Disgusting and incompetent at the same time is this EU gang and its servants.
We pay these to legally and deliberately demand the crimes of the meat mafia.
And in shame they are all the same.
They insult our intelligence, our empathy, our understanding of the law, they despise us, they ignore us, they cheat us.
They take from the idea of ​​animal welfare and the legally recognized animal rights, every validity, every power.
They repeat the ridiculous farce, they can not do anything.
We mean, they do not want to, but both are a valid reason to abolish this gang.
The EU must be abolished, the EU has not improved in the least, it pulls itself into EUXIT every day.

My best regards to all, Venus

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