England: Respect for Animals launches online database detailing the use of fur on university fashion courses.



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Respect for Animals launches online database detailing the use of fur on university fashion courses


We are delighted to launch our new campaign to kick fur off campus by unveiling a database of UK fashion college policies towards the use of fur.

Using Freedom of Information requests, Respect for Animals has contacted every university in the country running fashion courses, regarding the use of real fur and what, if any, policies are in place on the subject. This includes both the use of fur as a material by students and any co-operation agreements with sections of the fur trade.

The responses have been collated and published on our website, with each university given a degree-style grading according to their position in the use of real fur: the best colleges (those refusing the use of real fur backed up with a formal fur-free policy) receive a ‘First’, while other institutions receive a grading accordingly: 2.1, 2.2, 3rd and the worst rating, which is a FAIL.

Many people have a moral objection to the use of fur in fashion and this resource will allow potential students to make a fully compassionate and principled decision about their education and future careers.

More information, including access to the database, can be found here: http://www.respectforanimals.org/fur-free-fashion-courses/  .

Mark Glover, Campaign Director at Respect for Animals, said:

“The morally abhorrent fur trade must be consigned to the dustbin of history. There is no need for fashion courses to continue to use this product of cruelty, or to take blood money from the fur trade. Thankfully, many university departments have told the fur trade where to go, but there are others who continue to work with this morally bankrupt industry.

The future of fashion is fur-free. The fur industry has never improved animal welfare and never will. Meanwhile, fashion that rejects real fur continues to innovate in the most exciting ways- just look at Stella McCartney’s latest collection unveiled in Paris.”

Click here for the full list:

Fashion Colleges List


Read more : http://www.respectforanimals.org/respect-for-animals-launches-online-database-detailing-the-use-of-fur-on-university-fashion-courses/




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One thought on “England: Respect for Animals launches online database detailing the use of fur on university fashion courses.”

  1. Ownership, production and trade fur and leather – the same as cocaine – should be banned.All banned farm animals must be immediately taken away and housed in Sanctuari, at the expense of the former owner.That would be lawful justice and just law.


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