My Dream – Lets Act Together for Success !



I can remember making my way through ol’ London Town in England when I was 17 or so – a long time ago; to see Motorhead in concert.  Lemmy has gone now – RIP Lemmy; along with the brilliant David Bowie.   ‘Heroes’ has been the soundtrack music to many issues in the animal rights world – and anyone who fights for the rights of animals, in my little world, is a real Hero; the best of the best !.

We see a lot of the Bowie version of ‘Heroes’ – and superb it is.  The closing track to ‘The Cove’ film re the Japanese dolphin slaughter at Taiji.  Here is a Motorhead tribute to Bowie; and in my opinion a really hard rock enjoyable tribute.  Bringing back memories of good nights spent in London town.

Enjoy – Mark – with thanks to all you global animal Heroes the world over !





dolphins free

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