Crisis For Orangutans – Please Donate to BOS Today If You Can.


orangutan baby

I don’t really want to have to put this on now above the Eurogroup article by Venus; but it is crisis time and days are getting short for donations.  I have just donated to this wonderful organisation helping to be a strong voice for Orangutans.

Please give today if you can – thank you – Mark – WAV.

The deadline for our #GivingDayforApes match is approaching fast, so I’ll keep this short.

We’re 73% of the way to our ambitious $18,000 goal — and RIGHT NOW your gift can be matched for the gift of freedom.

Will you help us change the lives of mother Jubaedah & baby Jubaedi and male Titons forever?

Your gift today will help do this and more. Rush your gift of $25 or more now:

To Donate:

watch the video 

Thank you for taking action this Giving Day for Apes.


Dr. Jamartin Sihite 
CEO of BOS Foundation


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