Lib Dems, Labour and the SNP – Animal ‘Welfare’ if we stay in Europe ? – Doubt It. Watch the Videos and Decide for Yourself.



During 2010 – Mark worked with Dutch investigator friends at ‘Eyes on Animals’ , as well as with ‘Animals’ Angels’ (Germany),en_ORG.html  and PMAF (France)  to produce a 125 page official investigation report for the EU Legal Affairs team in Brussels, Members of the European Parliament (MEP’s) and UK Parliamentarians (MP’s) – a report which specifically investigated live animal (calves) transport between certain, specific (EU) member states.


PMAF Inv 7

If you care to click on the following link below you will see a written summary of just 1 of the 5 trails which was undertaken and clearly proved that Irish calves were not being given adequate food and rest at an approved Staging Post facility after they had made the crossing from Ireland to France.

Remember, this is just 1 of the 5 investigation reports that we produced in our ‘overall’ document of 2010; and it also lists all the non compliances with the EU Regulation 1/2005 for this specific trail / investigation are given at the end of this specific investigation report.  Remember also that these investigations and reports do not just appear by magic.  Many people, their time, money and several vehicles are often involved – they all take effort and time to record all the exact details which you can see detailed in the report.


PMAF Inv 4

Thus, it can be annoying in the least when all this work is undertaken, compiled and presented to the EU, and then they do nothing about it !


PMAF Inv 5

Click on the following link to read a very small part (1 of 5 investigation reports) of the overall trail / investigation report:









Today has shown that in the UK Parliament; specific parties want to demolish democracy – for the UK to leave the EU.


Those parties are:


The Liberal Democrats – who claim wrongly to take animal welfare ‘very seriously’.


The SNP – who support the export of week old live Scottish calves down to Ramsgate, England; for further export on to Spain for further fattening.


The Labour Party – all talk and no action when it comes to animal welfare – bad hunting legislation from the start has shown us that.


By breaking away from the EU, the UK would have been able to introduce legislation to stop live animal transport. The Party led by Mr Johnson have now been scuppered at the moment only by the political mess above. Now we call for a General Election in the UK to put the wrongs of the above right.


In correspondence, the Lib Dems have failed to address our evidence and concerns when it has been presented to them.. All they want to do is remain and live in the farce which is called the EU.  In correspondence today we have pleaded with them to go away and live in the EU if they think it is so good – can we suggest Romania – great animal abuses for sheep to the Middle East; just as they would still see under EU ‘legislation’ which the EU is incapable of enforcing anyway.



If you are British, please never vote again for the above parties; those who ‘talk’ big animal welfare concerns when really they do not give a toss; as long as they can stay in Europe, then all is fine.


If all EU animal welfare is fine as they claim – how about this




SNP Policy ?


Welcome to the wonderful Lib Dem world of EU Europe:




Lib Dems, Labour and the SNP – parties that continue to support the abuse of animals in EU in their beloved EU; and who DO NOT respond to the evidence we supply to them.


Please send to Jo Swinson – Leader; Liberal Democratic Party – England.  Her wonderful vision of the EU.

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