India: Just Some of the Latest Great Rescues From ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’.

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Dear Mark,

We hear a lot of bad news these days. Climate change frightens us deeply. Understanding more and more about animal suffering, the populations of many wild animals and insects in tragic decline, oceans without fish, and precious forests going up in smoke is hard to cope with.

Getting involved is one of the best ways to turn hopelessness into optimism. Visit Animal Aid if you can, immerse yourself in our rescue videos, and let our news of animals getting better help balance your weary hearts. 





Dog’s massive wound shrinks before our very eyes.


Teddy was dying an excruciating death when we got the call. We found him curled up with a massive head wound, hundreds of maggots boring tunnels into his flesh. He hardly had the strength to raise his head. We rushed him back to the hospital, applied the powder that kills maggots, and in the morning began the arduous task of removing them and debriding the wound. What amazed us was not just the size of the wound–but how fast Teddy responded to treatment. His eyes say it all–the vastness of his innocence, his response to tenderness, and his trust. Repeated wound flushings and dressings were rewarded: Big wounds can disappear. 

Please donate for the next sweetheart’s amazing recovery.



Lolo was mangled by a speeding rickshaw–but all better now!



Lolo was peacefully resting by the side of the road when a speeding rickshaw tore past, ripping apart a huge piece of flesh on his chest, slicing his forehead, and his delicate mouth. The driver didn’t even slow down, but horrified witnesses immediately called our ambulance to the rescue. Lolo has been such an incredible darling from the very first moments, patiently allowing our medical team to give him daily wound dressings, thoroughly flushing dirt and bacteria from the wound sites, and bandaging him up to hurry his complete healing–which took about 6 weeks. Lolo’s a happy boy now. You too can take away someone’s pain.

Please donate



Disabled (and darling) dog bounces back after weeks of physio therapy


Hit by a car and found hiding under the street in a sewage ditch, this sweet girl was in terrible pain. Our rescuer had to crouch-walk through stench and filth to rescue her, but she hardly resisted. Back at Animal Aid we were relieved that she had no fractures but it would take weeks of physiotherapy to repair her damaged hips. We named her Koshish (which means effort in Hindi) because she was the best little physio therapy patient ever. Hurt by accident. Helped on purpose. 


Please donate for the next angel hit by a car.


Celebrate the Caregivers: Raju Meghwal




We have the fastest rates of recovery and the lowest rate of post-surgery complications in our history, and one reasons is that our anaesthesia protocols and practices are so good. Raju, our anesthetist and surgery assistant, helps assess dogs’ condition pre-surgery and monitors them continuously throughout the surgical process. Each day Raju and Dr Vaibhav perform 7-10 sterilization surgeries and several times a week they also perform surgeries like amputations, tumour removals, eye enucleations, and wound repairs. We deeply appreciate Raju’s meticulous accuracy in administering anaesthesia. Getting it right time after time requires concentration, practice and care, and Raju has all three, in fantastic abundance!

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