Dairy industry: a murder factory!


Animal Equality has released a report on Italy’s milk industry, revealing controversial practices the sector often tries to hide from consumers.



In footage obtained from our investigative work on several farms in Northern Italy, we exposed what actually happens inside dairy farms, compared to what is marketed by the farms’ advertising. What the footage shows is the tragic exploitation of cows, with endless amounts of suffering!

What we found:
– Calves taken from mothers a few hours after birth
– Calves and cows living in cramped, unsanitary conditions, and covered with feces and mud
– Farmworkers performing preventive practices and care without veterinary supervision, which is illegal
– Cows with mastitis and very serious wounds, including wounded hooves illegally covered with scotch tape
– Cows “grazing zero,” which means they do not have access to pastures, as opposed to what is constantly shown in the advertisements of dairy farms

All these practices-and not only in Italy- demonstrate one thing: that the image conveyed daily by the dairy industry is not the reality cows live in. This form of extreme exploitation causes cows enormous suffering, specifically by quickly consuming their bodies and leading to premature death within just a few years.

Animal Equality


kuh in exkrementenpg

To justify this criminal situation, milk mafia sells milk to us as a natural food that makes us big and strong and a source of calcium.
Meanwhile, however, has been scientifically confirmed that the milk is not only unhealthy, but also makes sick.


70 liters of milk is consumed every German per year. We are world leaders. And that, although the human body does not necessarily need milk, nor is it originally designed to digest lactose. It is absolutely paradoxical that humans are the only creatures that consume milk from other animals, even in adulthood.


kleines kind trink milch

It is undisputed that milk is essential for starting life. The baby can easily digest breast milk thanks to the enzyme lactase. But actually only limited by a “genetic defect”, which has developed evolutionary history, this ability is retained and makes the milk consumption in adulthood possible. But is this consumption necessary at all?

milk does you strong n

We all thought or still think that milk is a healthy, balanced drink. But here is the first mistake.
Because milk is not just a drink, it can be called a staple food because of its high nutrient density. That’s why milk makes us sick.
It can trigger allergies, especially in infants, lead to chronic infections, skin problems and eczema, promote asthma, diabetes and even cancer. This could be due to the foreign proteins in the milk against which the body is fighting. Many of these diseases can be due to a milk allergy.

75% of the world population is lactose intolerant. If the body lacks the enzyme lactase, which is to split the milk sugar (lactose) into digestible components, it is called lactose intolerance.
In Asia and Africa, for example, just one percent of the population can digest milk.
In the course of evolution and livestock started about 7,000 years ago, mainly populations in the north have developed the enzyme lactase to digest milk, which was actually intended as food in times of need. Originally our body does not seem to be dependent on milk!


Already as a child you learn: The calcium from the milk helps to grow, is good for the bones and makes you strong. That’s true.  But what only a few know: The many animal proteins in milk can lead to hyperacidity in the body and in the blood.
To neutralize this hyperacidity, the body needs calcium, which it then has to remove from the bones. This calcium loss can be the cause of osteoporosis.
And that, although it is said, milk prevents the disease!!

Similarly, many plant sources contain calcium and can adequately meet the need for this mineral. At the top are green leafy vegetables, broccoli, beans, soybeans, nuts and cereals.

vegan protein_n

Most people want to see milk as one of the most natural products fresh from the cow that lives on the meadow, with no additives, no hormones, no antibiotics.
And although the reality is shown every day and in many countries even by the state TV channels, the milk consumers are making a lot of ridiculous excuses to continue to consume a product which makes them sick and the animals victimized.
One of these excuses is the “organic” milk.
And the biggest lie of the milk mafia.

kuh im Bio schlachthofpgcow in “Organic” attitude

And even if the organic cows have a better life in the pasture, they also calve each year, they are also raped, their child is also taken shortly after birth and land as waste in the garbage container, and finally the organic cow lands after her activity as a milk machine in the slaughterhouse too.

Turbo Kuh_n


Conclusion: We despise murder of people, but we regard murder of animals as normal. Because they are lower beings for us.

In our Western world, it has never been so easy to live without meat and milk.
Man can eat animals and just can not eat. Both is possible.
Above all, because we humans claim that we have developed a strong sense of morality that we can apply accordingly. But we have learned to turn feelings of empathy into apathy. We have learned not to feel, because otherwise we would feel responsible for our actions.

With the pet at home, it works.
We teach our children to love the pets, not to eat them. When it comes to our own dog or kitten, we must never do that, and we emphasize that among the evil Chinese, such a crime is quite common.

We must teach our children that it is not right to kill other beings for no reason. Children are very open to it. But we do not clarify it, we do not tell them the full truth, because we ourselves can not cope with the truth.

Who serves as an obedient servant the system of meat and milk mafia, will defend his schnitzel and not the truth about animals that become meat in the factories.

My best regards to all, Venus


2 thoughts on “Dairy industry: a murder factory!”

  1. It is shameful and horribly primitive in the 21st century that people who torture and kill other living creatures still go around filling their intestines, and since 2000. th they have known that they are genetic fruit-eaters and that animals are sentient beings the same as human child.


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