England: Livestock Transporter Used to Smuggle Illegal Immigrants Into UK from Calais France. Many Arrested and Raids Undertaken In Southern England.



For well over 15 years anti live export campaigners in England have argued that empty livestock transporters returning to England from Europe could be bringing illegal immigrants in within them; with folding floors and partitions, there are lots of places for humans to hide in a transporter.

Combine this with the fact that hundreds of carried animals have defecated and urinated inside the transporter whilst undertaking a consignment; specialist sniffer dogs used by authorities say at Dover for example, would probably have very little chance of identifying humans by smell only.

A win-win situation for illegal immigration all round; something we have argued about for many years, and for which, we have always been regarded as fools.

Now we ask who are the real fools; as it seems that illegal immigrants have been smuggled into the UK within livestock transporters. Check out the BBC report:




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