USA: Montana Offers Free Wolf Trapping Lessons To Children of 11 Years.



Hi Mark,

The slaughter of wolves in Montana last hunting season set a despicable record: 315 wolves wiped out in just over six months.

The hatred of wolves is so deep, the state even offers wolf-trapping lessons for free — for children as young as 11.

This is the kind of mentality we’re up against in saving gray wolves.

Please support our fight for wolves by giving to the Predator Defense Fund.

The new hunting season has begun, and already seven wolves have been killed in Montana. It costs just $19 to buy a wolf hunting license in the state.

Montana, Idaho and Wyoming are showing how little they care for wildlife and how easy they want to make it for wolves to be shot.

Wolves are highly social and have deep bonds within packs. Each death shatters a wolf family, breaks up a breeding pair, or orphans a litter of pups.

The Trump administration’s plan to take away Endangered Species Act protection from most wolves in the lower 48 will expose them to more hunting, more trapping, more shattered packs.

Wolves need to be protected and allowed to raise their pups free from traps and guns.

The job of wolf recovery is far from over, which is why we’re pushing hard for a national recovery plan. We see the tragic results when wolf management is turned over to states.

No one fights harder to save wolves than the Center. We know how to win in the courts and in the halls of power — but we can’t do it without you.

Help end the war on wolves by donating to the Center’s Predator Defense Fund.

For the wild,

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity


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