Crime in the name of religion

Only in approved slaughterhouses ritual slaughter is allowed without anesthetizing the animals. Since the consumption of blood in their religion is prohibited for Jews and Muslims, the animal must be slaughtered with manholes.


The animal can only bleed completely when the heart is beating. The cattle are led by the rabbi in the transfer apparatus, the head is attached to a slot cutter and with manual effort, the head is bent back. The cattle become short of breath when the throat is overstretched and panicked. It resists, roars and groans.

The turner apparat turns the cattle upside down.

halal 4pg

The rabbi cleanses and sharpens the sheath knife. Then he steps up to the cattle, wipes his neck with a rag, and says a prayer. “Bouruch atoh Adonai clohimu melech hoolem – Aesches Kidistonu bemi zivvonu al haschchithoh. ” he says.

Translated it means: “Blessed are you, Lord our God, you king of the world, who sanctified us with your commandments and ordered us to slaughter cattle. “

The rabbi takes the cattle ‘s neck skin with his left hand and cuts with his shaft- knife through the carotid radar, air and storage tube.

halal 3_n

The cattle make terrible noises. It is choking, choking and vomiting in pain. The cattle suffer excruciating pain when cutting their throat.

Because the air storage tubes are not soft parts of the body but are cartilaginous, the manhole knife does not get through so quickly. The cattle are momentarily unconscious from pain and then quickly regain consciousness because the rabbi has to cut twice. Because the blood clotting closes the cut again, the cattle can not bleed otherwise.

schächten pg

The beef twitches at the cut and tries to fight back. The death struggle goes on for up to 10 minutes.
The slaughtered dead beef is Kosher for the Jews and Halal for the Muslims.

Written by
Martina Kummer

My comment: No god, whatever religion, can be so cruel as to demand that his creatures be “tormented in his honor” by this way!
This cannot be contained in any message from Him!

These are man-made ritual murders of the defenseless creature, which must be called erroneous actions, and can never be god-pleasing. In all religions protection and careful handling of the animals is required; and when I say religion I mean: religions and not religion interpretations at the service of fanaticism.

Kosher or Halal slaughtering is an archaic, horrible animal cruelty, that is out of the question. But one more thing has to be said here: Orthodox Christians slaughter also “traditionally”, and in slaughterhouses in Christian countries up to 20% of the anesthetized animals wake up prematurely and experience their slaughter alive.

The only difference is that the animals are at least not consciously and not willfully (!) slowly massacred, as in the case of shafts.

It is finally time to recognize the Kosher and Halal slaughtering of animals as wrong, as well as undignified and shameful human misconduct, as happened with the religious law of stoning to death, the burning of witches, the inquisition and slavery.

I purposely chose not a Kosher video, but one from Germany, and even from a slaughterhouse claiming to be an organic one!!
This proves only one thing: in all slaughterhouses, murder is brutal and bloody, halal or not halal, everyone who eats meat is partly to blame for these murders.

My best regards to all,  Venus



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