Day: December 27, 2019

Switzerland: Murder in the zoo

A zookeeper is bitten in the hand by a Philippines crocodile in the zoo in Zurich. The animal does not let go for minutes and must finally be killed.


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At the zoo in Zurich, a crocodile has bitten into the hand of an animal keeper and has not let go for minutes.

Philippine crocodile in captivity

The animal was finally shot, the Swiss news agency SDA-Keystone reported on Wednesday. The woman was taken to a hospital.

The zookeeper wanted to clean the enclosure on Monday evening and separated the male Philippines crocodile from the area, said zoo director Alex Rübel of the news agency. The animal had managed to grab the woman’s hand.

«It is sad that we had to shoot the animal. But of course the life and health of the zookeeper took precedence”, so Alex Rübel!

Since it could not let go, they finally decided to kill the animal. The crocodile, which is about 1.5 meters long and weighs around 15 kilograms, was said to be a rare species of the Philippines crocodiles from the Mindanao Islands, of which there are only 250 specimens left in the wild.

A female of the same species still lives in Zurich Zoo, said Rübel. It has not yet been decided whether the zoo will look for a new male.


And I mean.. Carpenters also lose fingers … occupational risk or carelessness.
However, they do not appear in the newspaper and therefore do not kill anyone.

Why was the slave murdered?
Because he had no rights.
Those who have rights are respected, those who have none are despised.

His slave owner Alex Rübel sold the public a human-friendly explanation of the murder: «It is sad that we had to shoot the animal. But of course the life and health of the zookeeper took precedence. »

Exactly … Mini croco with 15 kg …. would have swallowed a whole nurse of 68 kilos  … and would then go down in history under “Wonders of the Wildlife”.

Given the number of 250 crocodile specimens still alive and the 7,674,575,000 living human pests, it would have been better to have traded the other way round.


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