Day: December 30, 2019

Germany: Death candidates disturb meat eaters


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Roaring cattle on trucks, which drive to the slaughterhouse at dawn, apparently regularly pull residents out of their sleep. Residents are regularly woken up at dawn. There is no right to redirect the transporters.

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The district committee Altstadt-Lehel was quite willing to take the problem seriously (!!!), especially since Wolfgang Püschel (Social Democratic Party of Germany), who lives nearby, was able to confirm the situation.

The animals are sometimes uncomfortably loud (!!!). But what to do?

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Stefan Blum (Christian Social Union in Bavaria), who is the chairman of the responsible subcommittee, stated that there was no legal right to redirection, after all, it was not a through traffic, but an inner-city traffic.

Blum suggested that the speed limit be 30 in the corresponding section of the road, at least the traffic would be quieter.
In the neighboring district, this has proven itself, the drivers are sticking to the limit.
It was joked that the animals were only heard louder when the traffic was quieter, but in the end everyone agreed to seize the opportunity and really request a speed limit here.

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My comment: As if it wasn’t enough for customers to fund these transports, to send these animals to the cruel death of the slaughterhouse, to eat their meat, now they’re distraught that the death candidates are screaming out of fear, suffering, and pain.

And none of these annoyed carnivorous human animals has the idea of ​​getting rid of the problem once and for all, stopping animal transport, stopping meat consumption and stopping animal slavery.
Human being is an hypocritical, harmful, useless animal, nothing else.

My best regards to all, Venus

Australia: Its Very Hot But Sydney Harbour Still Gives Go Ahead for Fireworks !

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… and these people are in charge of a crisis !

Sydney Harbour New Year’s Eve fireworks display WILL go ahead as the Rural Fire Service gives the green light despite total fire ban

  • The Sydney Harbour New Year’s Eve fireworks display has been approved
  • Comes despite the state’s deputy premier urging authorities to scrap the event
  • ‘Sydney Harbour fireworks have been approved to proceed tomorrow,’ RFS said
  • Parramatta, Armidale and Huskisson have cancelled or postponed fireworks 
  • The Sydney Harbour New Year’s Eve fireworks display has been approved despite the state’s deputy premier urging authorities to scrap the event.
  • The NSW Rural Fire Service on Monday evening said it had given approval for the fireworks display to go ahead in Sydney Harbour.
  • ‘The Sydney Harbour fireworks have been approved to proceed tomorrow,’ the RFS said on social media on Monday evening.
  • ‘The NSW Rural Fire Service and Fire and Rescue NSW are assessing a number of other total fire ban exemptions.’

Fireworks explode over the Sydney Harbour Bridge during the midnight display on New Year's Eve on Sydney Harbour on January 1, 2019

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How could 130 x 300lbs pigs go missing over a matter of weeks without anyone noticing ?



Jessica Scott Reid asks:


How could 130 x 300lbs pigs go missing over a matter of weeks without anyone noticing?

Where is the farmer?

Where is the high quality care for each animal?


130 pigs stolen in southern Ontario hog heist: OPP

Provincial police received the call about the stolen pigs, which weigh 300 pounds each, on Boxing Day.


Police say a grinch, or grinches, made off with 130 pigs from a southern Ontario farm in November.

According to an OPP release, police received a report about 130 pigs stolen from a farm in South-West Oxford Township on Thursday at 7:30 a.m.

The six-month old pigs weigh approximately 300 pounds each.

Police believe that the thefts took place between Nov. 9, 2019 and Nov. 29, 2019.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Oxford County OPP at 1-888-310-1122. To remain anonymous, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS) or, through which you may be eligible to receive a cash reward of up to $2,000.

What Do You Call A Man Who Ignores the Specialist Global Evidence In Favour of Protecting His Fossil Fuel Cronies ? – Answer: Mr Morrison !

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Think it is about time you kicked out this utter tosser government and replaced it with something that takes the environment seriously.

Scott Morrison will go down in history as the man who ignored all the warnings whilst supporting the fossil fuel industry, and taking a holiday at the same time during a national crisis – in charge ? – doubt it !.

Australians are really now paying the price; not to mention the millions of animals that have died in the heat already – the start of many more ? 

So Australia – do something about this arse government you have ! – ike get rid of them.


Dec 29

23,000 giant fruit bats — about a third of the species — dropped dead from heat stress in Queensland and New South Wales in April. 10,000 black flying foxes, a different species, also died. Bodies plopped into backyard gardens and swimming pools.


Help native animals survive a scorching Aussie summer.

Check out these tips to help allieviate suffering & save lives! #climateemergency #protectwildlife


We’re on perilous ground

We are on track for a temperature rise of over 3°C.

This would bring mass extinctions & large parts of the planet would be uninhabitable. We need to supercharge our #ClimateAction ambition:


Randy Vukovic

Replying to



You aren’t devastated.

You still prioritise your coal donors over the lives of people fighting fires exacerbated by #climatechange.

Or is the country being on fire still not the appropriate time to talk about the #ClimateEmergency ?


Replying to


It is terrible loss of life & really sad.

If only you have met with experts when they asked & if you could put aside your arrogance for better of this country maybe some of these tragedies could have been avoided, losses minimised. Your way is negligent to our people & country.


Scott Morrison and the Coalition are fiddling as Australia burns

Scott Morrison returns to feel the heat as Australia burns

Australia fires: PM Scott Morrison apologises for going on holiday amid historic deadly blazes


Australia wildfires: PM Scott Morrison defends coal industry amid catastrophic blazes


Leader Scott Morrison panned for holidaying while Australia burns