Germany: Death candidates disturb meat eaters


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Roaring cattle on trucks, which drive to the slaughterhouse at dawn, apparently regularly pull residents out of their sleep. Residents are regularly woken up at dawn. There is no right to redirect the transporters.

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The district committee Altstadt-Lehel was quite willing to take the problem seriously (!!!), especially since Wolfgang Püschel (Social Democratic Party of Germany), who lives nearby, was able to confirm the situation.

The animals are sometimes uncomfortably loud (!!!). But what to do?

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Stefan Blum (Christian Social Union in Bavaria), who is the chairman of the responsible subcommittee, stated that there was no legal right to redirection, after all, it was not a through traffic, but an inner-city traffic.

Blum suggested that the speed limit be 30 in the corresponding section of the road, at least the traffic would be quieter.
In the neighboring district, this has proven itself, the drivers are sticking to the limit.
It was joked that the animals were only heard louder when the traffic was quieter, but in the end everyone agreed to seize the opportunity and really request a speed limit here.

gestresste schweinejpg


My comment: As if it wasn’t enough for customers to fund these transports, to send these animals to the cruel death of the slaughterhouse, to eat their meat, now they’re distraught that the death candidates are screaming out of fear, suffering, and pain.

And none of these annoyed carnivorous human animals has the idea of ​​getting rid of the problem once and for all, stopping animal transport, stopping meat consumption and stopping animal slavery.
Human being is an hypocritical, harmful, useless animal, nothing else.

My best regards to all, Venus

2 thoughts on “Germany: Death candidates disturb meat eaters”

  1. I absolutely agree with Venus, humans are useless , worthless, greedy destructive mobile tombs who have not established and refuse to communicate with other Earthlings just to make them slaves.


  2. These are the same Germans who reportedly knew nothing about the concentration camps, even though the murder took place in the neighborhood.
    Every cloud from the crematorium was a human being, the smoke came out around the clock, 24 hours. Of course the Germans saw that. Prisoners say that farmers came to collect ashes from the crematorium as fertilizer.
    Many do not want to know what happened in Germany in the past. Although there are photos of families walking around the concentration camp on Sundays, even with prams.
    But the horror was not limited to the concentration camp. Prisoners ran through the villages every day to do forced labor at factories, mines, or weapons stores. In the evening not everyone came back alive, the survivors then had to carry the bodies back through the middle of the village. Everyone saw it, but nobody wants to know anything.
    And now they’re witnessing a mass murderer again. And the Germans are not disturbed by the perpetrators, but by the victims’ last breaths.

    In a few years, when the murder of animals is rightly punished, the Germans will say again: We knew nothing.


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