Day: December 29, 2019

England: Top Lawyer Admits Clubbing Fox to Death Whilst Dressed in Wife’s Pink Nightie !



WAV Comment – There is nothing at all wrong with a woman wearing a pink nightie; sounds great and sexy; but a high court (male) judge; that’s real different  ! – maybe he will be viewed very differently in future should he ever meet hunt sabs in court.  The issue of a fox killing has sparked outrage with the Brits – now he is the hunted – Mark.


Lawyer admits clubbing fox to death


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Jolyon Maugham said he was wearing wife’s satin kimono when he beat animal to death with baseball bat

The RSCPA is investigating a prominent barrister who revealed he had clubbed a fox to death in his garden.

Jolyon Maugham QC, who is known for leading a series of legal actions over Brexit, provoked outrage by tweeting on Thursday: “Already this morning I have killed a fox with a baseball bat. How’s your Boxing Day going?”

He later reported himself to the RSPCA as he faced a growing backlash online.

The charity, which prosecutes cases of animal cruelty, confirmed it was “aware of a situation regarding a fox, and would like to reassure people that we’re investigating”.

The RSPCA had earlier described Mr Maugham’s account of killing the fox as “distressing”.

The lawyer said the animal had “got caught up in the protective netting around the chickens at his home in central London and he “wasn’t sure what else to do“.

Faced with a deluge of criticism, he wrote: “No one should relish killing animals – and I certainly didn’t. But if you haven’t been up close to a large trapped fox, perhaps reserve judgment.”

He later added: “Sorry to those upset by my tweet. My chickens were very distressed by the fox – both before and after I’d despatched it – and I wanted it out of the way quickly.”

Prominent lawyer sparks backlash after ‘killing fox with baseball bat’

Mr Maugham also revealed he was wearing his wife’s satin kimono and nursing a hangover when he clubbed to fox to death.

Government guidelines state cage traps and snares may be deployed to protect property from foxes and a person who uses them must “humanely kill any fox you catch while it’s in the trap or snare”.

An RSPCA spokesperson on Friday declined to say if investigators had spoken to Mr Maugham.

The animal welfare organisation said: “Our investigation is ongoing and we have a number of strict procedures to follow, which means that we cannot share the details with the public.

“We appreciate that this is a very emotive issue, but we need to conduct our investigation in a confidential and professional manner.”

Matthew Scott, a lawyer who writes legal commentary on his website Barrister Blogger, said Mr Maugham “will be in for a very unpleasant time indeed” if the RSPCA launches a full investigation.

He wrote: “He could be called in for interview. The fox’s cadaver could be recovered and sent to a pathologist. The baseball bat would be bagged up and carefully examined for fingerprints. His wife could find her kimono seized for forensic analysis. They would be looking for DNA from the fox and a forensic interpretation of blood spatters on the kimono. 

“Mr Maugham may or may not be a rich man, but he is not as rich as the RSPCA, and the RSPCA tends to throw money at prosecutions, no matter how trivial. Win or lose he will be out of pocket, even with his genius for crowdfunding litigation.”

Mr Scott said the “obvious offence to consider first” is a breach of the Wild Mammals (Protection) Act, which prohibits inflicting “unnecessary suffering” by beating. 

The offence can be punishable with up to six months in prison, though Mr Scott said Mr Maugham could potentially argue killing the fox was necessary as to not do so would have “would have meant the fox suffering on the wire for longer”.

Mr Maugham said in a tweet: “To those concerned I have broken the law, I called and spoke to the RSPCA and left my contact details.”

The barrister is the founder and director of the Good Law Project, which has brought a number of legal challenges to the Brexit process and was involved in the successful court action to stop Boris Johnson’s unlawful prorogation of parliament. 



Fireworks: collective idiocy!



It’s amazing how people like to follow senseless archaic structures of fun and conviviality.
The first fireworks probably occurred in China during the Song Dynasty (960–1270) and in the late 14th century in Italy (first mentioned in Vicenza, 1379). The use of black powder developed into an independent art of fireworks, which then spread throughout Europe.
It has been 7 centuries since then and most people shoot their pyrotechnic crap like crazy in Sylvester.

You will find offers on the subject of fireworks in all brochures and advertising leaflets.

Waste of money, noise, smog, garbage, injuries of humans and deaths of animals – we all know that firecrackers are not a rational game. But we do it anyway; Most still follow the herd instinct, which is never to be trusted..


We play war for one night, and if that’s a game for us, for the animals it`s a horror.

Unsuspectingly, most birds sit in their beds on December 31st at midnight each year, trying to save their precious energy in the cold season. And suddenly the madness starts: Rockets explode in the air with a horror bang. Pure horror.  This has fatal consequences for the bird world, but also for the hibernation of many other animals.


Accompanied by constant fear, fear of death, torn from their sleep, they fly around in confusion and fear, sometimes up to heights of 500 to 1000 meters.
Some of them stay in the air for up to half an hour or more. Radar images from the Netherlands clearly show the massive effects of fireworks on wild birds.
For about three quarters of an hour, millions of rockets are fired all over the world and turn the first night of the year into a Syria night! At least for the animals.

Eyewitnesses report panicked martens and deer, which in their fear sometimes run against trees. Because there are many who want to practice their martial pyrotechnics in the idyllic countryside.

stop feuerwerkpg

Waste of money, noise, smog, garbage, injuries and deaths of humans and animals – we all know that firecrackers are not a rational game.
Little is known about the miserable working conditions of production in India and China.

Because the main producers of the fireworks are India and China. With their production they cover 97 percent of the world market. In both countries there is a region where most of the fireworks production takes place – Liuyang in China and Sivakasi in South India. With child labor. Children work up to 13 hours a day for this pyrotechnic crap.

feuerwerk kinderarbeit

They no longer have fingernails. Their hands are burned. Arms and face are scarred. According to the Don Bosco Children’s Aid Order, 70.000 children make rockets, firecrackers and sparklers in the south Indian city of Sivakasi. ” (taz newspaper)


And I mean…Insane how much money is fired each year for fireworks.
“Happy New Year!”

With high probability we will hear such a sentence everywhere on New Year’s Eve while it is popping and the sky is colorful, and in private houses animals are scared to death and outdoors, in nature animals kill themselves in panic.

And on New Year’s morning, the same idiots will always be upset about the indescribable amounts of garbage that their rockets and firecrackers have become.


Stop wasting money on fireworks trash.
Spend this money on needy animals in a shelter, or for homeless people.

It is high time that this society finally stopped covering up and justifying its educational stagnation through tradition.

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My best regards to all, Venus

Australia: Thousands of koalas feared dead as massive Australian wildfires destroy habitat. Australia Burns; the Government Jets Off On Holiday !

Australian flag painted by brush hand paints. Art Aussie flag. Watercolor flag. Australia art vector flag.

Smoke rises from wildfires in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales



WAV Comment – we want to send our thanks to the good citizens of Australia who are doing everything they can to help rescue and save the wonderful Koala.  We are watching with interest from around the world.

We also ask the question why the Australian government never seems to last for more than about 6 months ? – but then we read that principals in government, namely MR Morrison and Mr Elliott are jetting off to far flung corners of the globe for their holidays !! – is this the way to deal with a national crisis in your country; by going on holiday ? – no wonder there is no respect from overseas for these self opinionated, self interested dimwits.

Christ, with the ignorance of live export issues and the denial of global warming; one has to question what the Australian government is about.  We know as do many but we refrain from publishing the words, as they may cause offence to the government.

A sad government led by those with self interests; 

Thousands of koalas feared dead as massive Australian wildfires destroy habitat

Thousands of koalas are feared to have died in a wildfire-ravaged area north of Sydney, further diminishing Australia’s iconic marsupial, whilethe fire danger accelerated on Saturday in the country’s east as temperatures soared.

The mid-north coast of New South Wales was home to up to 28,000 koalas, but wildfires in the area in recent months have significantly reduced their population.

Koalas are native to Australia and are one of the country’s most beloved animals, but they have been under threat due to a loss of habitat.

There have been several incidents where desperate koalas have sought help from humans.

South Australian cyclist Anna Heusler was cycling with friends in the countryside outside Adelaide on December 27 when she saw a koala and let it drink from her water bottle.


Environment minister Sussan Ley said: “Up to 30% of their habitat has been destroyed.

“We’ll know more when the fires are calmed down and a proper assessment can be made.”

Images shared of koalas drinking water after being rescued from the wildfires have gone viral on social media in recent days.

Ms Ley said: “I get mail from all around the world from people absolutely moved and amazed by our wildlife volunteer response and also by the habits of these curious creatures.”

About 12.35 million acres of land have burned nationwide during the current wildfire crisis, with nine people killed and more than 1,000 homes destroyed.

Fire danger in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory was upgraded to severe on Saturday, as high temperatures built up over the region.

Sydney’s western suburbs reached 41C, while the inner city is expected to hit 31C on Sunday before reaching 35C on Tuesday.

Two wildfires in New South Wales are at the “watch and act” level issued by fire services.

Canberra, Australia’s capital, peaked at 38C on Saturday, with oppressive temperatures forecast for the next seven days.

Meanwhile, New South Wales emergency services minister David Elliott has gone on an overseas family holiday – which comes in the wake of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s much-criticised recent trip to Hawaii.

Mr Morrison, who apologised for going away, eventually cut short his holiday and returned to Sydney last weekend.

Mr Elliott said he will be briefed daily while overseas, and he added: “If the bushfire situation should demand it, I will return home without hesitation.”

Last updated Sat 28 Dec 2019


USA: Dunkin’ Launches the Beyond Sausage Sandwich Nationwide.



Dunkin’ Launches the Beyond Sausage Sandwich Nationwide

Multinational coffee company Dunkin’ just announced a rollout of the Beyond Sausage Sandwich to more than 9,000 U.S. locations on November 6! Hungry patrons will be able to veganize the sandwich by ordering the sausage on an English muffin without cheese or egg.

The company made history in July as the first U.S. chain to add Beyond Meat sausage to its menu, initially debuting sandwiches made with Beyond Breakfast Sausage exclusively at Dunkin’ locations in Manhattan.


Dunkin’ U.S. president Dave Hoffmann stated:

We are extremely proud of our partnership with Beyond Meat and thrilled to be the first U.S. quick-service restaurant to offer Beyond Breakfast Sausage nationwide. Dunkin’ is the brand that democratizes trends for America, and this latest addition to our menu gives consumers more choice to meet their evolving needs. As we continue to transform our brand, we’re proud to use our platform to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the great taste and benefits of plant-based protein.

Beyond Meat seemed equally thrilled with the partnership. Founder and CEO Ethan Brown said in a statement:

We’re excited to introduce the Beyond Sausage Sandwich nationwide and in doing so, offer an option with fewer calories, less total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium, while delivering more protein and iron than a comparable pork sausage sandwich. We are excited that everyone who runs on Dunkin’ now has the option to make a delicious plant-based sausage sandwich part of their day.

As the world’s appetite for plant-based meat grows, huge companies like Dunkin’ are taking notice. McDonald’s, the largest restaurant company in the United States by sales, just partnered with Beyond Meat to start testing a plant-based burger in 28 restaurants in Ontario, Canada. In August, Kentucky Fried Chicken tested Beyond Meat fried chicken in Atlanta, even painting the restaurant green in honor of the launch.

With more and more companies adopting plant-based meals, it’s never been a better time for you to do the same. For delicious meal ideas and recipes, order a FREE Vegetarian Starter Guide today.