Day: December 2, 2019

environmental crime


Sea Shepherd Germany


On 28.11.2019, a sperm whale stranded and died on the beach of Seilebost on the Scottish island of Harris.

wal in shottland

The male cub unfortunately could not be saved. At the weekend, the dead whale was examined, with a frightening result: According to the Scottish Marine Animal Stranding Scheme report, this included a range of plastics such as fishing nets, rope bundles, plastic cups, bags, gloves, harnesses and tubes.

wal in shittland 2pgOpening the stomach showing some of the material balled up inside


The whole material was like a huge bullet in the animals’ stomach and part of the mourning. The general condition of the sperm whale was not that bad. And although this stomach content certainly caused problems, it could not be proven that the garbage was responsible for beaching; The gastrointestinal tract was not clogged with garbage.

wal shottland 3All this plastic rope and debris was in the stomach


What in the end has always caused the death of the sperm whale, so these pictures and test results again clearly show what people are doing to the oceans and the animals with their littering.

wal shottland 4oStomach, containing ropes and other marine debris. The multiple small black ‘beaks’ are from squid, sperm whales usual prey.


wal shottland 6jpgSection of net recovered from stomach


100 kg plastic garbage in the stomach, of all kinds and origin, which no living thing deserves.


And I mean…There is the # COP25 in Madrid, where delegations from 196 countries arrived by plane and participate in the UN Climate Change Conference 2019.

Since 1992 this circus takes place annually – and in the end it is called bla – bla – bla! We talked about the climate, it was a nice company and good food.

Meanwhile, rainforests are being flared, jungles are being turned into palm oil deserts, natural disasters are taking place everywhere, and while the well-paid idiots are enjoying their expensive meat menus of murdered animals fed with soy from poor countries in the Third World, the Planet clock beats five past twelve!
This is how it is done year after year – and while the ice thaws in the Arctic, Greenland becomes green again, these delegates and their companies are happy that the ice releases the raw material that the industry needs!
We are experiencing the dictatorship of criminal oligarchs.

My best regards to all, Venus


Romania: Get Festive – Buy A Christmas Meal for A Shelter Dog – Only $1 Each – Read On …….



WAV Comment – I think I purchased 25 Christmas Day meals for the shelter dogs last year, so I know it works – and what price for a shelter dog special meal.  People waste so much during the Christmas season; for me it was very rewarding to know that I had helped to fill the hungry bellies of 25 rescue dogs last Christmas day.  Please do your bit if you can – buy a Christmas meal for a stray – Regards Mark.



Dear Mark

Years ago, I had a dream. My dream was to put an end to animal suffering in my hometown, especially to help the homeless, abandoned, and abused dogs find the love, respect and appreciation they deserve, and place them in forever homes. Little by little my dream is becoming a reality. I haven’t saved all the stray dogs in my community, but I’m getting there. I have an amazing staff and supporters who continue to help me along the way.

Last night, I woke up frightened. My heart pumping fast, hands shaking, tears in my eyes. I dreamt about my Printz (my first beautiful rescued dog, saved from death). He was all wet, full of blood, alone, in need of help. I could see him but this time, I couldn’t help him at all. I could read in his expressive eyes his hunger, pain and despair. It was more like a nightmare.

Being on their own, dogs like my Printz have freedom but they are so exposed to risk of injuries, abuses, diseases and starvation. Stray dogs are dependent on us as much as we, humans, are on them…once we get to know and love them! My Printz, alone, in my dream represents all the dogs I couldn’t save, the dogs who died alone in misery and silence. I woke up feeling depressed, but somehow, I knew I had to turn this nightmare into a positive thing…and that’s why I decided to tell you about it.

I was able to wake up from my nightmare, as all of you have. But these dogs can’t. Not unless we help them!

Christmas is the time of year when people celebrate and express the most sincere human emotions: generosity, kindness, compassion, love, appreciation. But we must remember that Christmas is not only for people ...

From time to time, the memory of Printz comes up (this time it came in the shape of a dream) to remind me of my mission and the overwhelming plight of the homeless dogs in Romania. My dream for this Christmas is to end the nightmare these dogs relive each day. Even if it’s just for one day.

Together we can end their nightmare, not only on Christmas Day, but every day!

  • 1 EUR/USD = bowl of warm meal donated on Christmas Day to #roldadogs in our shelters
  • 1 EUR/month = bowl of high nutrient food donated to starving stray dogs in the Galati area
  • 15 EUR = a winter gift for a dog (straws and jacket to keep warm)
  • 50 EUR = a visit to the vet for an injured, rescued dog

To see other ways you can help a hungry dog this Christmas, visit our 2019 Christmas page or donate directly from our donation page.

You can also donate via PayPal using the link below. 

This Christmas let’s try together to stop the Romanian dogs’ nightmare and bring the Spirit of Christmas where our voiceless friends need it the most!


ROLDA’s newly renovated is now up and running. We’ve made it easier for our supporters to either sponsor or adopt a rescue dog.

In this specific link: we explain how our dog profiles are created and what each dog’s details mean.

Please visit our new site today!

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EU: Specialists In Long Delay Tactics When It Comes to Animal Welfare – Especially Those Involving Long Distance Transport.

Pro-Brexit supporters burn an EU flag during a UKIP demonstration in central London


WAV Comment – we are not going to say much about all this other than here is another example of an ‘EU Extension’. You can read the proposals for research into issues that have been obvious and evidence provided by welfare organisations in their experiences monitoring and gathering information over so many years. Delay, delay, delay without ever taking any real measures to address the situation; that is the way of the EU, and why progress in animal welfare is never made. God help when they have to look into intensive cage production systems across the EU !.  

We have made bold some of the factors now being reviewed – see ‘Red text’ below, and ask yourself; does all this now need to be further examined for xx amounts of years ?  

We only view this a further delay tactics by the EU and its Commission because they are not capable of making decisive decisions on issues such as the transport of animals.

Produced and issued by the EU on 2/12/19:

Animal Welfare: extension of the mandate of the Platform
The European Commission has adopted a Decision extending the mandate of the EU Platform on Animal Welfare until 30 June 2021. This additional time will ensure the continuity of the dialogue and the activities of the members on specific animal welfare files. Launched in 2017, the Platform is now widely recognised as an important tool for exchanging of best practices and undertaking non-legislative initiatives. During the 6th meeting, on 7th October 2019, the members adopted several conclusions on animal transport, welfare of pigs and equines. The 7th meeting of the Platform is scheduled to take place in the first semester of 2020.


Platform conclusions

Disclaimer: the content of the documents does not necessarily represent the official position of the European Commission.

The Platform adopted the following conclusions during the 6th meeting on 7th October 2019 according to Article 7.6 of the Commission Decision of 24 January 2017 establishing the Platform.

Subgroup on transport

The Platform thanks and acknowledges the work of the members of the subgroup. The subgroup has produced a number of relevant documents on “exports of cattle” and on “extreme temperatures” and the Platform invites its members to disseminate the recommendations of the documents and take actions in line with the documents and proposals. These should contribute to improve the welfare of animals and to better enforce the EU legislation on animal transport. In relation to the document on “unweaned animals (calves)” produced by the subgroup, the platform acknowledges that it contributes substantially to progress on the issue, but further dialogue is necessary before recommending its dissemination and use.

Exports of cattle

Extreme temperatures




General topics

 Biosecurity measures for animal transport under extreme temperatures Develop a set of preventive measures designed to reduce the risk of transmission of common pathogens in animal transport under extreme temperatures

 Physiology and Behavior of Thermal Stressed Animals Identify and measure physiological and behavioral responses of farm animals to thermal tress during transport

Thermal Stress Risk Assessment Identify and analyze potential (future) risks that may negatively impact livestock welfare during transport under extreme temperatures Evaluate suitability of current travelling and resting times when animals are transported in extreme temperatures

Nutritional needs and energy balance Identify and measure nutritional needs and energy balance of livestock during transport under extreme temperatures

 Economic, Environmental and Societal effects Develop sustainable models to monitor animal welfare during transport under extreme temperatures; Financial, environmental and societal effects of the existing network of slaughterhouses across Europe, especially in relation to rural development, and possible impact of encouraging short transports in order to limit the impact of extreme temperatures on live animals; Financial, environmental and societal impact of the establishment of a maximum 8-hour limit for the transport of animals sent for slaughter, thus limiting the adverse effects of extreme temperatures



Transport facilities designs Truck design and engineer to improve animal welfare during transport under extreme temperatures

 Risk reduction Financial and welfare impact of transport of bulls’ sperm/semen instead of cattle for breeding purposes

Scientific evaluation of the frequency of long distance transports that are on the road when it is >30 degrees

 Scientific comparison of animal transports < 8 hrs and long distance transports in terms of infringements of legal animal welfare standards related to adverse weather conditions and extreme temperatures

Animal welfare benefits in relation to extreme temperatures when long- distance journeys are replaced by maximum 8-hour journeys

 Survey of potential rise of acceptance of agricultural practices by society about a general 8 hrs limit when linked to the issue of extreme temperatures

 Transport using livestock vessels

 Transport by air

Species specific topics

 Transportation of research animals  Prevention of dehydration of poultry  Transport of rabbits, fur animals, fish  Transport of companion animals  Transport of wild and captive animals  Transport of turkeys


Subgroup on welfare of pigs

The Platform thanks and acknowledges the work of the members of the subgroup. The subgroup has provided targeted proposals for assisting in the development of indicators for tail-biting risks. The Platform invites the EU Reference Centre on animal welfare for pigs to consider the document “Indicators for tail biting risks relating to compliance criteria on health, dietary factors and space and competition” within the framework of its Work Programme for the future. The Platform invites its members to use this proposal, to develop it further in their research frameworks, and in proposals to strengthen official controls using animal welfare indicators. In relation to the document “Measuring tail damage at the slaughterhouse and setting common thresholds” produced by the subgroup, the platform acknowledges the principle but dialogue on the technical details is necessary before recommending its dissemination and use.

Voluntary initiative on responsible ownership and care of equidae

The Platform thanks and acknowledges the work of the members of the voluntary initiative. The working group concludes that the following document should be promoted in order to improve the welfare of equidae in the EU:

Guide to good animal welfare practices for the keeping, care, training and use of horses.




Austria: the dirty propaganda of the media




Excitement about an aggressive, runaway bull in the Tyrolean Ötztal. Ultimately, the colossus had to be killed by a shot.

ausgebüxter stierjpg

At 9:45 on Friday (29.11.), a bull intended for slaughter was transported by a farmer on a cattle trailer to a butcher in Längenfeld. Already when opening the side trailer doors the extremely aggressive animal (!!!) stormed out of the trailer. Neither the farmer nor the butcher could tame the bull.

Run in the woods
As the animal subsequently ran into an adjacent forest above the Ötztal highway, the road had to be closed by officers of the police Sölden for the duration of the mission for security reasons in both directions. After the animal had run uncontrollably on the main road, it could be shot there by a targeted shot of the locally responsible hunter.

No people were injured during deployment.

And I mean..This is how the propaganda of the media works. In all countries.

In advance, they baptize an innocent prisoner as an “extremely aggressive” animal so that the imminent execution appears just as a protection of the public.

Even though this public, in no way experienced anything of the “aggressiveness” of the slave, a plausible reason for the execution must be invented, otherwise even the last idiot remembers the executions of the Auschwitz inmates, if one wanted to flee over the barbed wire to escape.

Today (at least in most European countries) executions of humans are abolished, and these of animals happen top secret.
Public executions, as in this case, happen to those who are born as flesh, not as a living thing with emotions but only as food for human animals.

After this shit article, the fascist moral lesson persists that legality can be misused as a guideline for morality.

My best regards to all, Venus