We never lose the hope!


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Dear readers, followers and animal rights activists,

The German dramatist Heiner Müller once said: “Optimism is a lack of information”!
Is that correct?
Is our hope of eliminating animal suffering based on a lack of information?
I would not say that!
We who fight for animal rights are better informed than ever before.
And everyone has access to information.

Today we have the Internet, the various animal welfare blogs that primarily seek objective and global information.
We report where there is new and old animal suffering, we clarify, we mobilize, we call for actions and demos, we always try to be on the side of the animals.

But we never lose hope because that’s what drives us, not optimism.
Because we believe in our mission: a better world for animals without concentration camps and places of mass destruction.

Our struggle is a struggle against a fascist exploitation system supported by billions of followers because this system has legalized the ruling human race.

We are fighting for the abolition of slavery by “others”, a form of rule based on the principle of power and not on justice.

As with any struggle for the rights of the weaker, this struggle for animal rights is a political struggle, it is the continuation of the struggle for human rights that has been achieved even after a long, hard struggle.

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The animal holocaust is the worst capital crime in history.
Do we seriously want to abolish it?

Then let’s go to the new year with fight, power and hope !!

My best regards and wishes to all,

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