What Do You Call A Man Who Ignores the Specialist Global Evidence In Favour of Protecting His Fossil Fuel Cronies ? – Answer: Mr Morrison !

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Think it is about time you kicked out this utter tosser government and replaced it with something that takes the environment seriously.

Scott Morrison will go down in history as the man who ignored all the warnings whilst supporting the fossil fuel industry, and taking a holiday at the same time during a national crisis – in charge ? – doubt it !.

Australians are really now paying the price; not to mention the millions of animals that have died in the heat already – the start of many more ? 

So Australia – do something about this arse government you have ! – ike get rid of them.


Dec 29

23,000 giant fruit bats — about a third of the species — dropped dead from heat stress in Queensland and New South Wales in April. 10,000 black flying foxes, a different species, also died. Bodies plopped into backyard gardens and swimming pools.


Help native animals survive a scorching Aussie summer.

Check out these tips to help allieviate suffering & save lives! #climateemergency #protectwildlife


We’re on perilous ground

We are on track for a temperature rise of over 3°C.

This would bring mass extinctions & large parts of the planet would be uninhabitable. We need to supercharge our #ClimateAction ambition: http://bit.ly/2KU0kPb


Randy Vukovic

Replying to



You aren’t devastated.

You still prioritise your coal donors over the lives of people fighting fires exacerbated by #climatechange.

Or is the country being on fire still not the appropriate time to talk about the #ClimateEmergency ?


Replying to


It is terrible loss of life & really sad.

If only you have met with experts when they asked & if you could put aside your arrogance for better of this country maybe some of these tragedies could have been avoided, losses minimised. Your way is negligent to our people & country.


Scott Morrison and the Coalition are fiddling as Australia burns


Scott Morrison returns to feel the heat as Australia burns


Australia fires: PM Scott Morrison apologises for going on holiday amid historic deadly blazes



Australia wildfires: PM Scott Morrison defends coal industry amid catastrophic blazes



Leader Scott Morrison panned for holidaying while Australia burns



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