“Better naked than fur”!

Do you remember the documentation of the organization of the German Animal Welfare Office?
The animal rights activists have documented the conditions on the Polish farms in recent weeks and found wild animals in cages everywhere. We had reported about that (https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/11/16/poland-mecca-of-the-fur-industry/).

Now they had a great idea to continue this campaign to the public!

banane rep deutschlandpg

Germany, Cologne: Animal rights activists from the organization (German animal protection office) fight against real fur clothing.

anti pelz kampagne jpg

Draw blank for animal welfare!
On Wednesday, four activists from the German Animal Welfare Office demonstrated on fiberglass naked on pedestrian zone in Cologne. Under the motto “better naked than fur” Jan (39), Konstantin (21), Julia (41) and Moritz 29) marched through the city with banners and loud appeals.

lieber nackt als PelzThe four brave animal rights activists.
The first from the left is Jan Peifer, the founder of the organization.


Julia said to “BILD- newspaper: “It took a lot of effort to overcome, but I like to do it because I know what the purpose is.”

lieber nackt als pelz 4pgThe passersby reacted differently – sometimes laughing, sometimes embarrassed.
The highlight of the nude protest: The animal rights activists showed their buttocks in front of the shop “Femme”, which sells real fur.

lieber nackt als pelz 3jpg

Activist spokeswoman Denise Weber (31): “The animals live all their lives in a confined space, are then killed and then the fur is removed. We want to take action against this. “

Many people don’t even know they’re wearing real fur. Because sometimes there are hats with a real fur pompom under 10 euros.



My comment: 25 years ago, in 1994, numerous celebrities supported the naked protest against fur, which PETA started as a first NGO in its protest campaign with prominent models.
They also undressed at the time, to protest against fur.

naomi-Models-rather-go-naked_gegen Pelz jpgEmma Sjöberg, Tatjana Patitz, Heather Stewart-Whyte, Fabienne Terwinghe and Naomi Campbell (left to right) undress for the welfare of the animals. / © Patrick Demarchelier for PETA


I find the direct naked appearance of the brave activists very strong. And is perhaps more effective, because such a provocation is remembered not only as a naked parade but as a naked reality.
And maybe abolish the next fur purchase.

We never know how an action affects society.
From our experience, however, we know that the more this society is confronted with animal suffering, the greater the chances of a change.

My best regards to all, venus

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