Germany: a “Kamikaze” pigeon and a disabled authority


banane rep deutschlandpg


Striking official failure in Steinfurt, in the district (North Rhine-Westphalia), a dying peregrine falcon was found on Wednesday – he had just captured a color-coded domestic pigeon.

The find circumstances clearly indicate a so-called “Kamikaze pigeon” a living pigeon is prepared with a contact poison. The color is intended to draw the birds of prey’s attention to the pigeon.

kommite 3jpg
Falcon and alleged bait were handed over to the police in Rheine.

But instead of properly handing over the evidence to the responsible veterinary inspection office, it was simply thrown away in the garbage can.

kommite 2jpg
The police rely on the district veterinary office, which is said to have said that there were no known cases of raptor persecution in Steinfurt.
But that’s not true! because this district, with a total of 45 cases since 2005, is one of the regions in Central Europe most affected by this form of environmental crime.

The Lower Nature Conservation Authority of Steinfurt has also made a fool of itself – despite requests from the committee, they had refused to contact the police and urge the animals to be examined.

The committee against the bird murder is currently having a lawyer check to what extent the officials involved have abused their office.


And I mean…They all agree on corruption, ignorance and abuse of their powers.

A disgusting, corrupt, perpetrator-friendly gang = the German authority.

And straw stupid! so stupid that they should have got the job only through relationships and favors.
Police officers, veterinary officers, criminal police rabble … all stupid like a banana.

These are the instances that are supposed to protect our animals and us from criminals.

My best regards to all, Venus

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