Germany: shameless and obvious animal law violation

The Federal Council today approved an amendment to the Animal Welfare and Livestock Ordinance, which means that the cruel box keeping of breeding sows can take place for another eight years.

banane rep deutschlandpgMost of the Greens involved in the government in eleven federal states justify this step by saying that after this transition period there will be a change in the system to keeping sows in groups.

In order to achieve this long-term goal, the Greens agreed to a “compromise” (!!) that legalized the sows’ previously illegal keeping conditions.

For the next eight years, the animal no longer even has the right prescribed by law to be allowed to stretch out unhindered when lying down.


But what the Greens are now celebrating as “the beginning of getting out of crate keeping” is assessed by the association “Veterinarians for Responsible Agriculture” as a “dirty compromise”, the animal protection law is trampled on:

“Like the old regulation, the new regulation counteracts and undermines the Animal Welfare Act and is still a violation of the law,” says veterinarian Dr. Ines Advena. “It is shamelessly and unashamedly violated.”!

schweine kasten mit ferkel-PETA-D

Paragraphs 1 and 2 of the Animal Welfare Act clearly regulate that ” an animal must be accommodated in a behavioral manner and that pain, suffering, and damage must not be caused to it without a reasonable reason”.
An often weeks-long fixation of sows in narrow metal cages is undoubtedly not behavioral. 

You don’t need to be an expert to see that. But according to the “new” law, it stays that way!!

Schweine mutter und ferkelt4

“The box crate principle is the basis of industrial pig production. It has made the development into systems with 200, 300, 500, 1000, 5000 and more sows possible, and as a result, has massive displacement and concentration problems in piglet production, and on the other hand, has led to animal welfare and ecological problems, ” wrote numerous animal welfare organizations in a joint open letter to the federal states.

“Once again we are experiencing that the competitiveness of German pig production is at stake – a disregard for the citizens’ will, who voted against with 600,000 votes, it cannot be worse. Most Greens in federal and state fractions are just opportunistic tacticians. To be able to participate, they sell their souls.”, comments veterinarian Dr. Ines Advena.

The consumer protection organization Foodwatch also criticizes that the decision passed by the Federal Council “has absolutely nothing” to do with animal protection.

“The political parties, including the Greens, support the meat companies – from Tönnies to Westfleisch – to continue to produce cheap meat for the world market. With fatal consequences, always on the animals, who have to pay with massive physical and mental agony. “

Mutter Sau in Kasten_n


And I mean: The corrupt Agriculture Minister of Germany Julia Klöckner has thus successfully legalized an illegal condition.

The Higher Administrative Court ruled: “The ordinance stipulates that sows kept in a crate must be able to take a reclining position in the crate at both sides, where their limbs do not encounter obstacles.”

The regulation has existed since 2001 and has been violated for almost 20 years. Illegal is Illegal is it so difficult to abolish it?

Here it becomes clear how strong the lobbyists of the meat mafia are among German politicians.

The Greens are making every effort to reinterpret their sale to animals as progress.
They cheer the dirty “compromise” as “getting out of the crate”, and by that, they mean that they managed to shorten the fixation in the farrowing area to five days. But even that only comes into force after 17 years.

Let’s be honest: you don’t have to be Chinese to operate such a shit policy against animals; Germans can do it too.

My best  regards to all, Venus

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