And again more animal experiments in Austria!


According to the statistics, 20,438 animals had to endure so much suffering that the experimenters themselves stated that; including 18 pigs for animal welfare and 171 chickens for veterinary medicine!


The animal experimentation industry repeats mantra-like that it is committed to the so-called 3R principle, that means: the number of animal experiments and the number of experimental animals per experiment should be reduced and animal suffering avoided.


VGT (Association against animal factories) chairman Martin Balluch, himself a member of the Federal Committee for Animal Experiments says:

“Unfortunately, this strategy fails completely. The number of experimental animals used has been increasing steadily since 2000.
And instead of replacing animal experiments, they want to build a new animal experiment laboratory at the JKU (Johannes Kepler University) in Linz!
But not only that.

Animal suffering is also increasing, for purposes beyond any medical research for humans. Current animal experiment statistics show that 18 pigs suffered badly for animal welfare and 171 chickens also suffered heavily for veterinary research.
These animal experiments are the opposite of minimizing animal suffering! “

Tierversuche an Schwein_n

In 2018, “only” 17,841 animals had suffered severely, in 2019 there were already 20,438.

In addition, this information about the severity of the suffering is determined by the animal experimenters themselves. An objective review of this is not planned.

A representative survey published by the British market research institute ComRes on July 17, 2020, showed that almost three-quarters of EU citizens want the EU to provide a binding exit scenario from animal experiments.

70% also agreed that the full replacement of animal testing with non-animal testing methods should be an EU priority.

A total of 66% wanted the end of all animal experiments immediately. In this spirit, the majority of the Federal Council in Austria recently decided that research on animal testing should be promoted to the same extent as that with animal testing.
The Federal Government has not complied with this at all.

The funding for animal research-free research has been doubled to € 600,000, but this is still a drop in the ocean in contrast to the funding of research with animal testing.

vgt tierversuchejpg


Please sign the Petition:

Relevant Information: VGT Chairman Dr.Dr. Martin Balluch, himself a member of the Federal Animal Testing Commission, says: Twenty years ago, substances, i.e. both potential remedies and potential poisons, could only be tested in vitro on clumps of uniform human cells.
It was rightly criticized that this cannot be compared to a human being.

But for about 15 years, organoids, i.e. 0.5 mm mini-organs from different cell types, have been placed on chips to test the effect of substances on organs.
These organoids are complex and correspond to the human organ in a small format.

For a few years now, it has even been possible to connect several such organoids to one another on an approximately credit card-sized chip, i.e. a so-called multi-organ chip to test the effect of a substance on a number of organs that communicate with each other.

In a few years, the “human-on-a-chip” could finally be realized, which represents the whole person in the form of networked mini-organs, each consisting of cultures of different cell types.

This would even make patient-specific tests possible by taking stem cells from them, which are then developed into organoids.
This method is much more meaningful than any animal experiment: firstly, human cells are used, secondly, the application can be standardized and thus reproduced, and thirdly, even patient-specific statements are possible, i.e. whether the tumor of a certain patient will respond to certain chemotherapy or not.

And I mean…Animal testing is the greatest and worst cultural disgrace of our time. We could equate them to the witch trials.
No people in the world who practice animal testing have the right to call themselves, cultural people.

karikatur tierversucheo

My best regards to all, Venus

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