Solidarity with the 17 arrested DxE activists

I am at the California State Capitol right now and I just watched over a dozen of my friends get arrested for asking Governor Newsom to enact a moratorium on new factory farms and slaughterhouses.

Three activists are still on the balcony looking down to get an answer from the Governor. After months of delivering letters asking the Governor to take immediate action, we were forced to take action in their own hands.

Watch the video of activists being arrested and share the action to help us reach Governor Newsom.

Earlier this week, DxE activists chained themselves at the entrance of a massive pig slaughterhouse in California, blocking trucks from coming inside.

Armed security guards assaulted nonviolent activists on lockdown who stood in the way of pigs being slaughtered. Now, the government is ramping up their use of force and sending peaceful protesters to jail.

Instead of punishing nonviolent activists, Governor Newsom could lead the way. We’re calling on him to take the first step toward shutting down this dangerous industry and enshrining rights for all animals.

You can help by sharing today’s action!

Almira, DxE.

Direct Action Everywhere DxE is a global network of activists working to achieve animal liberation in one generation


And I mean…The system is afraid of 17 activists?
Why aren’t those arrested who steal children’s food in Africa and Asia for the flesh of rich countries?
The financial bandits who plunder and starve Africa, who assist in the murder of thousands of children every day, the murderous oligarchs who are responsible for the cruel factory farming?
Why aren’t they arrested?

Because they are the pillars of this system, it works with them.
This system couldn’t be more criminal, but governments only see the danger in 17 actors demonstrating for animal rights in front of the State Capitol!
Every citizen who passes in front of the Capitol and does not show solidarity, be it out of fear or conviction, should know that he is complicit in the misery of the world, that he is a collaborator with this fascist system, which in the future, not only animal rights activists but will arrest anyone who prevents it from carrying out its mass extermination of humans and animals.

Solidarity to the activists of DxE and we say respect and thank you

My best regards to all, Venus

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