England: Mudlarks – Mud Men – Enjoy !

I hope you enjoyed the hand art video – pretty amazing eh !

Today I am having an animal free day – apart from spending time indoors with the pets.

So, as with the hand art, I thought I would also show you a video of ‘Mud Men’ – it may especially appeal to our US visitors who have an interest in English (London) history.  It is a great show; informative nut at the same time very light hearted as you can see.  Johnny Vaughan teams up as always with ‘Mud God’ Steve Brooker – he is a ‘Mudlark’ (yes we have them in London) who hunt for items on the River Thames foreshore that may have changed the course of history. They do not do it for financial gain; just to delve into history.

In this film you can see a bit about old London prisons and the methods used to obtain confessions.  As with most British things; it usually revolves around a pub; and this is no different.

Watch and enjoy a bit of Mudlarking; and the fun that is had between Johnny V and the mud god Brooker.

Back to animal issues tomorrow;


Regards Mark

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