How Mambo and Betty died

Do you remember the sudden deaths of these two circus elephants, Mambo and Betty?

Our previous report:
We didn’t know Betty’s name yet, now we know what her name was.

And we don’t just know that! we also know a lot of other things about the cause of death for both of them.
A report from an informant from Hungary (where both animals died) shows that circuses that make money with animals work according to Mafia methods.

Like every industry that makes money with animal exploitation.

Here is the report from the Facebook page of the organization “Action Alliance – Animals do not belong to the circus”

“Obviously, the Cassellys managed to hide the death of their two elephants from the public for weeks.

Betty and Mambo died on the night of August 17th, reports an informant on the Hungarian online platform “Allatierdekessegek”, which means: “The Cassellys had transported their five elephants – spread over two trucks – within Hungary.

After arriving at Szada Safari Park, they were left in the van overnight in stormy weather; an insufficient air supply in the larger container is said to have led to the disaster. “

Unbearable to imagine the scenery. 💔

Three elephants were pulled out lifeless the next morning, according to the report.
Mambo and Betty were dead, Tonga could still be rescued by a veterinarian who was called in.
Severely beaten and traumatized, she survived.

The two other elephants of the Cassellys, Kimba and Nanda, spent the unlucky night in a separate van and are also alive.

An official government agency has also confirmed this version of the events including the date via a comment on social media.
The veterinarian could not determine anything about an infection.

The rumor that a virus caused the death of the elephants is obviously a lie so that the Cassellys wanted to protect themselves.

According to the informant’s report, Mambo and Betty were immediately buried!

It was only on October 21st today that René Casselly jr. the death of the two elephants announced on social media – more than 9 weeks after the tragedy.

Apparently the processes are being investigated by the Ministry of Agriculture – with how much honesty it remains to be seen. We stay tuned”!

Aktionsbündnis – Tiere gehören nicht zum Circus


Please sign the petition, it goes to Hungary’s Minister for Rural Development, Dr. Fazekas Sándor, and has until now 28,000 votes!
Mambo and Betty will at least get justice after their death if we manage to get the Casselly Gang a fair punishment.

And maybe that will be a reason, with the help of the second corona wave too, to shut down the Casselly business.


My best regards to all, Venus

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