Day: December 25, 2020

Merry Killmass

 Anonymous for the Voiceless

“when you go vegan, you’re not giving anything up; you just stop stealing what was never yours”.

We hope that with our work from this blog we have convinced people to be on the right side of history, to stand the side of the weak versus the strong, which is what the best people have always done.
And we hope that we have convinced people continue to fight for animal rights, change, justice, and the abolition of their slavery.

This can be achieved by people who are ready to stand up for the victims and to act against the oppressors, the exploiters

The animals don’t need our pity.
They need our empathy, our compassion, and our willingness to fight for them.

If we don’t act, we have chosen the side of the oppressor

My best regards to all, Venus

Seasons Greetings.


Hi all;

And sending you the seasons greetings.

First, we (Venus and I) want to say a massive ‘thank you’ to you all for sticking with us in what has been a very testing and trying year, globally; for everyone. 

The list of action is endless; but we have attempted to live up to our title of ‘World Animals Voice’ by bringing you news and actions, covering so many different issues, from all over the world.

Because we do not specifically concentrate on just one issue / subject; it is difficult for us to go further into specific areas and just pile out the facts.  We just attempt to give a lead; and then leave it to you if you wish to investigate a subject further.

All the work we do is totally voluntary; simply because animals all over the world need to have attention drawn to their suffering and problems; so as much as possible we try to do that by giving you a few leaders on specific issues.  I read something the other day from ‘Animals Australia’ I think it was; and a comment simply said “do not rely on governments to introduce change – it is a people power thing that will do it”.  I could not agree more; and it is only by being an ‘active rebel’ for the past 30 years that we are now getting very close to stopping live animal exports from the UK.  Victories do not usually come overnight (if they do; brilliant !); so you have to knuckle down and be prepared for a long fight to get a voice for the voiceless. 

But hey; is it not worth it in the end ? – knowing that you personally have contributed towards getting that much needed change.  We don’t do it for any thanks; simply because we care about the unnecessary suffering inflicted on those who are not possible to fight back about their torments under the human species.  We try to be their voice; and will continue to be so.

Thanks again for sticking with us; 2021 is a new year with new actions and campaigns; and we will do our very best to shine the torch into the darker corners of animal suffering.  Christmas is not a season to be jolly for many animals; but there are also ones who do get that little extra at this time of year; so good and bad – that is how the world operates sadly.

Have a great holiday time and hope to see you all with new work in 2021.

Regards Mark (England) and Venus (Germany).


Stop the Bison Massacre Planned in Yellowstone

In early December, state, federal and tribal representatives voted to kill 500-700 bison in Yellowstone National Park this winter and possibly another 200 in the spring. This is a barbaric act being perpetrated against a frighteningly small population of innocent, defenseless animals. Please join us in urging officials to cancel the mass killing this year, and permanently.

Take Action – Stop the Bison Massacre Planned in Yellowstone (

Urge Mississippi Lawmakers to Step Up for Cruelly Tethered Animals

2020 was a historic year for Mississippi’s dogs and cats with the passage of legislation that increases penalties for animal cruelty to them. While we’re thrilled with the change, there’s still a lot that needs to be done for animal companions in the state. Now, we’re urging Senator Angela Hill to add another layer of protection by introducing legislation that will protect animals from tethering.

Take Action – Urge Mississippi Lawmakers to Step Up for Cruelly Tethered Animals (

VIDEO: South Korea’s Dog Meat Trade Explained

Although attitudes are slowly changing for the better, South Korea’s dog meat trade is still heartbreakingly huge. Not only that, but the regulations surrounding how it operates are conflicting and confusing. Check out our Campaigner Explainer video to get a better understanding of what’s happening, and find out what we’re doing to save precious dogs’ lives and shut this trade down once and for all.

Watch the video here:

VIDEO: South Korea’s Dog Meat Trade Explained (