Day: December 13, 2020

Ravens are as smart as great apes

Ravens are considered to be particularly intelligent: They learn quickly and use tools purposefully. One reason the birds are so smart could be because of their long childhood.

Because some corvids stay with their parents for a very long time – and have so much time to learn even complex things in a protective setting.

Cognitive scientists from the German University of Osnabrück and the Max Planck Society have now investigated how clever they actually are.

They compared the physical and social skills of ravens with those of chimpanzees and orangutans.
It was shown that the tested ravens already had a comparable cognitive performance as great apes at the age of four months.

The study was published in the journal “Scientific Reports”.

The scientists wanted to find out, for example, whether ravens know where to find food. To do this, they hid treats in a cup that was hidden between other cups and moved back and forth like a shell game. The ravens pointed with their beak at the correct cup and pecked at it.

Further tests in development

A total of eight ravens at the age of four, eight, twelve, and 16 months were tested in various task areas, in which, for example, spatial understanding and social behavior such as communication were tested. They mastered tests to understand quantities, cause-effect chains, social learning, and communication just as well as chimpanzees and orangutans!

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40 Tonnes of Food for Animals In Need. Please Support ‘Harmony Fund’.

WAV Comment:  We are really pleased to be able to give to Harmony Fund every month – and it is great to see the donations being put to such great use as shown in the video.  We would encourage everyone to give to HF if possible, to make the world for animals a better place – and to fill their bellies !


Those of you who have walked with us on this journey for the past 11 years know that Harmony Fund is a small charity doing BIG things. We throw our arms around underdog animal rescue squads all over the planet, creating circles of care to deliver food, shelter and veterinary care to thousands of animals each month. We recently brought food in for all the dogs, cats and horses at the beautiful Fundatia Sky rescue center in Romania…and it was breathtaking.

Two 18 wheeler trucks drove all the way from Germany to Romania, more than 1,000 miles, with 40 tons of kibble and canned food for hundreds of dogs and cats at Fundatia Sky shelter.  This food will also be shared with many homeless animals in the community.  Pet food is much less expensive in Germany and a higher quality and quanity of food can be bought here, making this the most efficient option. 

But that’s not all. Another 40 tons of locally sourced hay was then brought in for the horses, and they started eating right off the lorries long before the men could unload the bales.  

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To give or donate, please click on:

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Mark – WAV.