Day: December 23, 2020

England: Fur Farming – When European Producers Fall; China Is Ready To Step In and Fill the Void. Beware !

Fur news from Mark at ‘Respect for Animals’.

but tens of millions of animals are still dying

Dear Friend and Supporters,

Our campaign against the cruel fur trade is advancing.  Many parts of the fur industry are in serious trouble and even retreat, as a result, far fewer animals are likely to suffer next year.

But we must not be fooled into thinking these tragic events herald permanent change. In fact, the long term for animals could be even worse – unless we act forcefully right now.

Whilst mink farmers and the auction house have been devastated in Denmark as a result of the COVID virus, the fur trade is already lobbying very hard to secure a revival of the industry and, ominously, Chinese fur breeders and dealers are planning to fill the void created by the European declines.

2020 has been an extraordinary and tragic year. It did, however, mark both the 20th anniversary of the UK ban on fur farming and the 10th anniversary of the EU ban on the import of commercial seal products, the latter saving the lives of some 2 million baby seals whilst the UK ban set the precedent for fur farming bans all over Europe. Incredible reminders of what can be achieved by us working together.

With so much news to take in and digest we at Respect for Animals are working flat out, despite the current crisis, to end this cruel and abysmal industry and to adapt our campaigns to the changing circumstances.


Please can you help out by making a donation to our Special Christmas Appeal to help us make 2021 a special year for the anti-fur campaign and, therefore, for the animals that are depending on us.!/


With very best wishes,



Thank you to all of you in the UK who have contacted your Member of Parliament urging support for Early Day Motion 267 for our Fur Free UK campaign. The Motion now has the second highest number of signatures for this session of Parliament and it would be great to see it at Number 1! If you have not already contacted your MP, please do so as soon as possible, asking her or him to sign.

(UK residents only)


For the festival of love

Who should actually still trust human love when intelligent and pain-sensitive living beings are tortured, killed, and even eaten in the name of this love?

Weihnachten: Gans oder Truthahn? Hauptsache, die Liebsten sitzen mit am Tisch.
 © Camerique/​Fotex

What else I wanted to say before Christmas…

Please leave the turkeys alone.
And the geese, chickens, ducks.
And the pigs.
And the cattle, calves, oxen. Merci. ❤️

Best regards, Venus

“Baby”: the longest river dolphin in captivity in the world is dead

The sad life of the last wild-caught dolphin in Duisburg Zoo, Germany has come to an end after 45 years of imprisonment: Dolphin “Orinoko”, who was mainly called “Baby”, is dead.

For a handful of fish, dolphins are forced to entertain the paying audience.

“Baby” was the last captive river dolphin outside of South America. His death marks the end of an era full of suffering and loneliness.
A look at “babies” tragic life proves: Dolphins do not belong in zoos and dolphinariums!

River dolphin “Baby”: Torn from nature and put to sleep after almost 46 years in captivity

“Baby” was originally born in freedom: He comes from the South American Amazon region.

In 1975 he and other conspecifics were torn from their natural environment as wild-caught and brought to Germany.

That was 45 years and nine months ago – that is how long “Baby” has lived in Duisburg.
He has also been all alone for 14 years: as the last of his kind in the local dolphinarium, he ekes out a lonely and monotonous existence in a small pool.

Now the Duisburg Zoo announced that “Baby” had to be put down after an illness.
He no longer wanted to eat and reacted increasingly cautious.

In addition, wound infection was diagnosed. As his condition worsened, “Baby” was put to sleep.

At the time of his death, he was the longest river dolphin in captivity in the world – a sad record that was accompanied by much agony and privation for the animal.

Dolphins suffer massively in captivity

It doesn’t matter how big and modern the tanks are – for dolphins captivity always means animal suffering. In captivity, marine animals have little opportunity to express their natural behavior – but this is often used as an argument in favor of keeping dolphins, orcas, etc. in zoos.
However, no general knowledge can be derived from animals in captivity. In addition, zoos do not make any contribution to species protection: not a single dolphin living in Duisburg Zoo has ever been returned to nature.

“The captivity of dolphins always means animal suffering, no matter how large and modern the tanks may be. With robot dolphins, on the other hand, things are different. In July, PETA asked the zoo to transfer the bottlenose dolphins to managed marine reserves and invest in a ‘Robotic Dolphin’. “
(Marine biologist Dr. Tanja Breining, specialist librarian for fish and marine animals at PETA Germany).

Nach 45 Jahren eingesperrt im Zoo Duisburg: Flussdelfin „Baby“ ist tot

And I mean… To make one thing clear: the reality of the life of the dolphins who are always “smiling” (because that is their natural mouth shape and not because they are in such a good mood) and squeaking (because that is their language and not an expression of their mood) is different than in ” Flipper “was shown, it is a tragic one which is used to amuse and entertain stupid visitors.

Amazonian dolphins have been kept in aquariums since 1975 – outside of Venezuela – only in Duisburg Zoo.

Under “kept” is to be understood completely unnatural conditions where they have to wait. This can go as far as the suicide of the animals due to depression – because no dolphin willingly jumps through rings and live happily in a “bathtub”!

Buying and trading with the dolphins drive a completely different, extremely dirty business, as we have already reported: the dolphin massacre in Taiji.

In a Japanese coastal town, whole schools of dolphins are regularly driven into a bay by fishermen.
In front of the dolphin family members, some animals are stabbed alive and cut up. The bay turns red with the blood of agony.
In between, young, small dolphins swim, chosen by the men and later sold to dolphinariums.
Completely traumatized, these animals end up in shows and are supposed to entertain children – what a morbid act!

Now the Duisburg Zoo is moaning in the media and is playing a comedy of emotions that only idiots or the unsuspecting can convince.

“Baby” was a character animal in our zoo.

The loss affects employees and visitors alike and makes us very sad.
With “Baby” we have lost a symbolic animal that represented its endangered conspecifics in South America and the shrinking of the tropical rainforest.”

That is why the rainforest and its rare animals will disappear! because of such predators, animal abusers, unscrupulous criminals who see both animals and nature as only means to their economic ends.

My best regards to all, Venus

England: UK Live Animal Exports News. 23/12/20.

UK Live Animal Exports News.  23/12/20

Well, I am making really positive progress with our contribution to the UK government to try and get live animal exports stopped from the UK in 2021.  With 30 years experience on the issue there is a lot to detail about non compliances with (EU) regulation 1/2005 on which UK law is also based

Check it out yourself – pick your language and format links here:

Note for English, select ‘EN’.

So much has been written for submission; that today I have passed a copy of the current draft to a great campaigner friend for extra safekeeping, just if the situation ever arose where a recovery copy needed to be retrieved.  Hopefully it will never be needed, but always better to be safe !

Also, I had contact today from Lesley who runs ‘Eyes on Animals’ in the Netherlands.   – they specialise in undercover work involving live animal transports specially; I gave Les some info, and she has promised to give a contribution to the UK government consultation be the new year, which is great news.

Between us, we are really concentrating on the importance of access to animals throughout their journey time on the road; and also the use of sealed box trailers which are just no good at all for livestock transporting; but which are used in the EU and by Dutch livestock hauliers coming to the UK to buy up British animals for slaughter within the EU.

We are covering all issues in the consultation, but are especially concentrating on driver access, or lack of, to sick and injured animals, and also the use sealed box trailers.  Below is a photo by friend Val Cameron of one of these Dutch box trailers arriving at an English port.  Would you believe that this is full of live sheep ? !!

Many would consider it a refrigerated trailer as usual; but it is not; it IS full of live sheep going for export to Europe !

Photo – Val Cameron

Another photo we took managed to get a very rare glimpse in through the rear of one of these trailers, showing all the sheep inside (as viewed from the rear).  We are not currently publishing this.

These sealed box trailers are used quite a lot here in England by the Dutch – so we consider that these trailers are very bad for animal access and ventilation; plus they have no signage to say they are carrying live animals – which is illegal and against the EU regulation ! – and so hopefully we may get their usage stopped.  Time will tell us in 2021.

Regards Mark

Lesley has produced the following reports on these issues in the past – check them out.

The importance of access during transport:

Heat stress during transport:

England: Finally some good news? Covid-19 claims another victim as Boxing Day hunts cancelled.

WAV Comment – Excellent news – foxes, deer, hare etc; all free from being hunted down illegally on Boxing Day (26/12).  This is the one day in the UK when all hunts ‘parade themselves’ through their local areas; and it is always a big event as many ‘antis’ (those who hate hunting) go out to match up against the hunts as they ride through local towns and villages.  The result – normally a bit of fist to cuff (fighting).  All the sabs and antis can have a safe day at home this year, as British wildlife will not be hunted down and illegally killed by the other side for blood lust pleasure.

We agree with the London Economic – finally, some good news !

Finally some good news? Covid-19 claims another victim as Boxing Day hunts cancelled

It is the first time that hunting has been suspended en masse since February 2001 – during the foot-and-mouth outbreak.

The Boxing Day hunt – one of the most controversial traditions in the country – has been cancelled.

An estimated 250,000 people tend to gather on Boxing Day to watch their local pack of hounds meet on village greens, at pubs and in town centres across the UK – making it the biggest event in the hunting calendar. 

Earlier this year, the executive body for trail-hunting – The Hunting Office – sent a bulletin to roughly 250 packs across England and Wales telling them to cancel.  “The hunting community needs to take the lead during these extraordinary times and act respectfully and responsibly to help the fight against coronavirus … and to ensure the wellbeing of the local community who are so supportive each and every year,” a statement said.

It is the first time that hunting has been suspended en masse since February 2001 – during the foot-and-mouth outbreak. Some hunts – including one in Kent – had hoped to proceed this year, but were forced to scrap plans in the wake of increased, tier 4 coronavirus restrictions.

A spokesman for the East Kent hunt said they had “no choice” but cancel, adding it was “disappointing for all our supporters but inevitable”.

“The masters could obviously not allow an event which encourages large gatherings of people and would clearly be irresponsible,” he said. “In fact, the decision was taken a few weeks ago because even in Tier 3, we were limited to six people. But the hounds are still being taken out for regular exercise.”

A past victim murdered by Kent hunts – Photo Mark (WAV). Why ???