England: Fur Farming – When European Producers Fall; China Is Ready To Step In and Fill the Void. Beware !

Fur news from Mark at ‘Respect for Animals’.

but tens of millions of animals are still dying

Dear Friend and Supporters,

Our campaign against the cruel fur trade is advancing.  Many parts of the fur industry are in serious trouble and even retreat, as a result, far fewer animals are likely to suffer next year.

But we must not be fooled into thinking these tragic events herald permanent change. In fact, the long term for animals could be even worse – unless we act forcefully right now.

Whilst mink farmers and the auction house have been devastated in Denmark as a result of the COVID virus, the fur trade is already lobbying very hard to secure a revival of the industry and, ominously, Chinese fur breeders and dealers are planning to fill the void created by the European declines.

2020 has been an extraordinary and tragic year. It did, however, mark both the 20th anniversary of the UK ban on fur farming and the 10th anniversary of the EU ban on the import of commercial seal products, the latter saving the lives of some 2 million baby seals whilst the UK ban set the precedent for fur farming bans all over Europe. Incredible reminders of what can be achieved by us working together.

With so much news to take in and digest we at Respect for Animals are working flat out, despite the current crisis, to end this cruel and abysmal industry and to adapt our campaigns to the changing circumstances.


Please can you help out by making a donation to our Special Christmas Appeal to help us make 2021 a special year for the anti-fur campaign and, therefore, for the animals that are depending on us.



With very best wishes,



Thank you to all of you in the UK who have contacted your Member of Parliament urging support for Early Day Motion 267 for our Fur Free UK campaign. The Motion now has the second highest number of signatures for this session of Parliament and it would be great to see it at Number 1! If you have not already contacted your MP, please do so as soon as possible, asking her or him to sign.

(UK residents only)


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