Day: December 14, 2020

India: Latest Amazing Healing Rescues From ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’. Please Donate if You Can.

Dear Mark,

Introducing our brand new Large Animal Ambulance equipped with a hydraulic lift!

We sometimes find that bandaging a wound is the easier part of treatment. Often, what’s most difficult is moving the injured angel from the street to our hospital,especially when they are a 400 pound bull with a fracture.

We’ve been so lucky that our staff have had the strength and ability to work together in lifting really heavy animals even without an automatic lift. But it is amazing to lighten all their loads and most of all it makes rescue safer and stress-free for all.

Happiest thank you to the wonderful donors who made this possible!

Watch what happened when Penelope’s fractured pelvis healed!

The blood on her face was what alarmed our rescue team. But that wasn’t this beautiful girl’s worst problem.

Hit by a passing vehicle, Penelopehad alsosustained a fracture to her pelvis.Her facial laceration, although it caused a permanent droop to her eye, healed within just a few weeks. But her pelvis injury required 6 weeks of bed rest in order to heal.

Restricting her movement was necessary for healing, but boy was she glad when she was able to run again for the first time.Watch thisgorgeous wobbly whirlwind take the world by storm! 

Healing is beautiful. Please donate.

Jason’s fear melted when bandages eased his pain.

Jason’s wound was massive. All the skin of his front forelimb was pulled off when a vehicle tire caught the skin in its tread. His pain was hard to imagine, and we watched his face stilled with worry when we gently flushed his wound. But this little wonder-boy’s fear melted as soon as his wound was bandaged.

Rescuing him was so important. Because the world without Jason would be a little less beautiful.

For Someone “out there,” tomorrow will come because of you. Please donate


Cutest dog with no toes on one foot in India!

(6) Watch | Facebook

Delightful Jakeis a perfect family dog. He’sloving, playful, intelligent and friendly. A Labrador who was abandoned by his previous owners – possibly because of an old injury that has left him missing the toes on his hind leg. To his old owners he might have been less than perfect but we couldn’t disagree more!

Jake’s favourite thing to do is play – he carries his beloved bone toy over to every person who enters his area in the hope that they will engage in a game of tug-o-war, or even better, fetch! His damaged foot doesn’t slow him down at all. He’s a “people person” who also loves other dogs, and if you’re lucky enough to adopt him, your whole family will have an angel guarding your hearts for the rest of your lives.

Click here to adopt many 4 leggers at AAU:Adopt | Adopt a resuced animal in India | Animal Aid Unlimited

Regards Mark

Hey I just love Bonsai; check out Luis specialities. Enjoy !

Canada: They Haven’t had Water for Five (5) Days. Disgusting Pig Abuse Exposed.

With thanks to Stacey at Our Compass for sending this over.

Our Compass | Because compassion directs us … (

Regards Mark


Arnold Barn

Above – Would you allow your cats and dogs to be confined in such manner for weeks on end? Of course not, it would be shockingly cruel AND illegal. So why are you condemning these innocent creatures to such horrific fates?
Source CTV News

When referring to unacceptable animal cruelty, please remember that pigs, cows, chickens, and mink do not enjoy the social status of other animals, such as dogs and cats, and their abuses are accepted under a moniker of “welfare” and “humane”, both terms compromised by humans to categorize animals whose own bodies are controlled, violated, mutilated sans pain relief, separated from family, and violently, terrifyingly killed.

In the United States, all ten billion land animals exploited for food each year are specifically exempt from the Animal Welfare Act, and nine billion poultry are additionally denied any (oxymoronic) coverage under the Humane Slaughter Act, a meaningless regulation that requires animals be violently killed.

To die prematurely, exploitatively, fearfully, unwillingly is ABUSE, those nice human-created labels and laws are not meant to protect animals, they are meant to protect humans from moral discomfort causing the needless and violent death of trillions of animals killed globally each year.

For the “small, local, organic farm” preachers, the animals don’t care where you live, and providing food for an animal before you kill him or her doesn’t mitigate your contribution to their loss of body autonomy and forced and fearful death in an industrial slaughterhouse. And the global demand for animal “products” require they be confined in predominantly extremely intensive conditions, forced to endure diseases, pain, abnormal genetic variations, squalor, bodily violations and intrusions, and violent death.

Protecting animals, considering their welfare and well-being, and practicing humane approaches all PRECLUDE exploiting/killing them. Anything you do to a pig would be an illegal violation if done against cats, dogs, and humans. That you can pretend otherwise does not nullify the animal’s hellish experience so you can enjoy a five-minute tasty snack: no meal should require suffering.

Furthermore, Ag-Gag laws are pretentious violations of constitutional rights, no person or entity should be granted the lawful ability to hide illegal activity, including cruelty and gross negligence, from the public to whom they “market” animals and from whom they derive profit. To all who champion such egregiously abusive laws, I ask, “What are you hiding?” To match your claims of “welfare” and “humane” (which have been consistently proven false), where is the transparency? The public has a right to and an interest in your business; that you profit from social ignorance and intentional suffering as inflicted on vulnerable, defenseless animals, and then take herculean steps including more time, money, and resources to conceal abuse rather than fight abuse is a disgustingly greedy, inhuman, utterly shameless, and appalling market strategy. SL

Source CTV News

For seven weeks, a man, who asked to be identified only as Elijah, worked at a farming facility in Putnam, Ont., 30 km east of London.

His job as a hog farm technician at the Arnold Barn, which is managed by Paragon Farms, included tasks like feeding, moving and vaccinating pigs. W5 has agreed to protect Elijah’s true identity.

However, Elijah had another motive for working at the barn. Using a hidden camera, he recorded hours of video footage at the facility.

“It’s not necessarily the safest job that I could be working, but I did it because I see that these animals are suffering,” he told W5’s Sandie Rinaldo.

Animal Justice, a Canadian animal law advocacy organization, hired Elijah to go undercover, and shared some of the video he recorded with W5.

The footage documents what Elijah claims are instances of animal abuse and neglect, including disturbing images of farm workers forcefully slapping and hitting pigs with plastic boards, and jabbing them with pens.

Other filmed incidents include workers discussing how pregnant sows had been deprived of drinking water for several days, workers castrating male piglets without the use of painkillers and filthy conditions in the barn.

W5 offered to show the video to the general manager of Paragon Farms, with an opportunity to comment afterward. A lawyer acting for Paragon sent W5 a written statement indicating, in part, that “Paragon Farms immediately inspected the barn in question” and “welcomed an inspection by … the Animal Welfare Services branch (of the provincial government) within hours of being notified of the allegations. No material concerns were identified.”

The statement added that a veterinarian “with expert certification” inspected the animals and “has not identified incidents of abuse or neglect.”


Camille Labchuk, executive director of Animal Justice, believes that because there is no proactive provincial monitoring or inspection of farm facilities, neglect and abuse of livestock remains hidden and free of scrutiny. Only a complaint can trigger an investigation of a farm by provincial authorities.

“We urgently need more transparency in the food system because the meat industry keeps animals behind closed doors without any government oversight or inspection,” Labchuk said.

“There’s no way for Canadians to learn the truth unless a brave whistleblower goes in there and films this footage and exposes it to the public.”

Hidden camera video filmed by animal rights groups and shared with journalists have helped raise public awareness of conditions and animal mistreatment in farms and slaughterhouses.But undercover filming by employee activists at livestock facilities may soon become outlawed in Ontario.

This past June, the Ontario government partially proclaimed the Security from Trespass and Protecting Food Safety Act, known initially as Bill 156.

Promoted by Ontario’s Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Ernie Hardeman as a way to improve the protection of farms, farmers and their livestock from trespassers and biosecurity risks, the act may soon make it illegal for undercover activists like Elijah to work and film at farm facilities under “false pretenses.”

A similar law, initially known as Bill 27, was passed in Alberta late last year and Manitoba is looking to follow suit.

Critics call them “ag-gag” or agricultural gag laws. Modelled on U.S. laws that have been introduced in 29 U.S. states since 1990, only six states still have these laws on the books. The rest have been defeated or deemed unconstitutional.

Professor Samuel Trosow, who teaches law at Western University in London, believes these types of laws are problematic.

“The way that Bill 156 has been written, same thing for the Alberta law, does violate Section 2(b) of the Constitution that guarantees everyone freedom of expression,” Trosow told W5’s Sandie Rinaldo in an interview.

“I don’t think this is about protecting farmers in their homes. I think this is about protecting large corporate producers and their factory farms from the public scrutiny that results when people come in and take films.”

While a section of Ontario’s Security from Trespass and Protecting Food Safety Act currently prevents people from interfering with animal transport vehicles, the provision regarding false pretenses, which may prevent employee whistleblowers from filming inside farm facilities, has yet to be proclaimed.

Labchuk intends to challenge the law if and when that happens.

“If you ask ordinary Canadians what they think, they’re appalled when they hear that the government’s trying to shut down transparency on farms and hide from them where their food comes from.”

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Cow escapes the slaughterhouse and hides in a church

It is said that some animals “only lack language”, and this must certainly be true in the case of many dogs and cats who delight our days with their presence in the house, and also with regard to the protagonist of this story:

A 500 kg cow fled the slaughterhouse and took refuge in the next church. Was she looking for a way to shout, “Help save me!”
We may not know, but from the way the news sounds, it actually seems that the great beast has entered the church as if it were almost going to “pray” for its life.
Needless to say, the slaughterhouse staff tracked it down and took it back.

In order to escape her tragic fate, the cow fled, which was now aware of what to expect after the staff of the slaughterhouse had pulled her out of her stable with ropes until she took refuge in the church “Signore della Misericordia” in Mexico, took place in the city of Tampico Alto.
It remained hidden for several minutes without anyone being able to track it down.
In the end, the slaughterhouse staff arrived at the church and recaptured the animal that in those few minutes had perhaps hoped to save its life.

The photo immediately went viral on Twitter, where many users expressed their regret over the fate of the cow.

Some even wrote that the poor animal was in the process of “asking God for help” at that moment, while others wanted to let it be known that they had adopted it just to avoid such a sacrifice.

A certain user wrote that the cow should absolutely not have been killed because it was clearly “a sign from God”.

Whether or not it was a divine sign, there is no doubt about the regret for the poor cow.

And I mean…“Lord of Mercy” was the name of the church?

Then this Lord should appear in person and teach the cretins from the slaughterhouse a lesson on how someone has to behave in his house
Churches are places where the message of peace and compassion is preached. Getting in there by force is sacrilege.

The church asylum grants temporary admission to refugees who are threatened with torture, death, or inhumane hardship.
And meanwhile, it has become a certain humanitarian tradition.
For human animals!

Already in ancient times, there was a tradition of protecting people in holy places such as temples, tombs, or holy groves, especially when it was not clear whether they were guilty or not.

In the case of the Mexican cow, it was absolutely clear that she was innocent.
Her only “crime” was that she didn’t belong to the ruling species, which means she had no right to protection in the church.

And the Lord of Mercy does not deal with individuals without rights.

My best regards to all, Venus

England: Plans to ban the export of animals, supported by West Dorset MP, revealed.

WAV Comment  – we are currently working hard on our submission to Defra on this issue – read more at:  England: Live Animal Transport Consultation – 12/12/20 Progress Report. – World Animals Voice


Plans to ban the export of animals, supported by West Dorset MP, revealed

Plans to ban the export of animals, supported by West Dorset MP, revealed | Bridport and Lyme Regis News (

PLANS to ban the export of live animals from England and Wales for slaughter and fattening, which have been strongly supported by West Dorset MP Chris Loder, have been unveiled.

The plans were revealed by the UK’s environment secretary, George Eustice, in the start of a renewed push by the Government to strengthen the UK’s position as a world leader on animal welfare.

An estimated 6,400 animals were sent to Europe for slaughter in 2018, according to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

Mr Loder has worked closely with the RSPCA and the British Veterinary Association among others to (enable this to happen) and is urging as many people as possible to support his campaign by responding to the Government consultation.

In his speech in the House of Commons on October 23, during the second reading of the Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill, the MP demanded the house support and deliver the government’s pledge to end live animal exports – claiming that it was disgraceful that well cared for farm animals could be loaded on to a lorry and sent thousands of miles by land and sea to destinations as far as Libya and Lebanon.

Mr Loder said: “Today’s announcement is a victory for animal welfare. It is a direct benefit of Britain leaving the EU. It is the EU’s trading rules on the movement of animals, along with the lobby from the National Farmers’ union to continue live exports for slaughter and fattening, that has enabled this cruel practice for so long.

“Bringing an end to the unnecessary suffering of animals during transport is long overdue. Through my Animal Welfare Bill, which reaches the Committee Stage early next year, I hope not only to achieve tougher custodial sentences for those who inflict the worst kinds of cruelty on innocent animals; but also to deal with the cruelty that has been happening on a mass scale, such as with live animal exports.”

Live animals commonly have to endure excessively long journeys during exports, causing distress and injury.