England: Live Animal Transport Consultation – 12/12/20 Progress Report.

Hi all;

Just to let you know that I am doing fine putting together a response to the UK government (Defra) consultation which we hope will see the end of live animal exports.  There is a great deal of contribution to be made, as I personally have over 30 years involvement with live animal transport – it is one of my top hates.  But it is going very well and things are on track for an early finish – maybe by the end of this year.

Check out the issue more at About Us. | Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

I am still trying to get posts for this site completed also; but at the moment the consultation is the main thing. It is a massive opportunity to make a huge difference and it has to be fully taken.

The consultation is open until the end of January 20121.  I am posting below our links to this, which include a link if you wish to take part.  From what we can find out, the consultation is also open to non UK residents.

Here are the links:

England: UK Consultation To End Live Animals Exports. It Appears to be Open Also For Contributions From OUTSIDE the UK. Read On if you Wish to Take Part. – World Animals Voice

England: Full Info on the UK Ban Live Exports Consultation. Finishes End of Jan 2021. – World Animals Voice

UK: Live Exports (Ban) Consultation. – World Animals Voice

Fingers crossed for a ban during 2021.

Regards Mark

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