England: UK Consultation To End Live Animals Exports. It Appears to be Open Also For Contributions From OUTSIDE the UK. Read On if you Wish to Take Part.

Dear all

I am sending this out to folks who visit the site; some of whom who are involved with live animal transport in European organisations.

The UK government is looking at making legislation in law for a ban on live animal exports and transport issues such as stopping export for further fattening. We welcome this as it is a big issue here in England.

After lots of wrangling the last few days; I ended up back with CIWF hours later, and Meg has kindly mailed me today.  It would appear (from the Defra guidelines) that anyone can answer; so I assume non UK contributions are also allowed to take part in the consultation.

The consultation is open until the end of January 2021 so there are still what, 6+ weeks to complete.

Regards Mark

Audience 12. Anyone may respond to the consultation.

Those who have an interest include: • Animal welfare organisations; • Breeding associations; • Farming unions; • Livestock and genetics businesses; • Livestock and poultry farmers, and horse owners; • Livestock, poultry and horse traders; • Livestock or animal vehicle manufacturers; • Local authorities (LAs); • Show, competition and race organisers; • Trade bodies; • Transport companies; and • The veterinary profession. 4 Responding to the consultation 13.

This consultation starts on 3 December 2020 and closes on 28 January 2021.

We would ask you to respond to the consultation questions using the online tool which can be found on Citizen Space at


However, responses could also be sent to Defra by email or post.

Please state: • Your name • Your email address • Your organisation

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