Day: December 31, 2020

for the new year…

Dear friends,

Another year of cruelty to animals is over and a new year of cruelty to animals begins.
If we honestly and disillusioned draw a balance about the facts in animal welfare for the old year, we should admit that every crime was allowed and every crime was possible again.
So we can safely assume that it will again be a fascist-coordinated dance of death for the animals, led by a disinterested majority of society together with corrupt governments.

And yet we are determined to continue our struggle.
Because of our experience we know:
who fights can lose
who does not fight has already lost

But in view of the ever stronger and legalized violence from the side of the rulers, tactics, and methods are required and we have to rethink this.
We have to act more courageously, more directly, and more massively.
And there’s one thing we don’t have to ignore: we have to stay united.

I wish that to every one of us for the coming year.

My best wishes and regards to all, Venus

England: Good Campaigning Wishes for 2021.

Well here we are on the last day of 2020.  It is a cold and frosty day here in Southern England; but loads of good, healthy food has been put out this morning for all our feathered friends; and it is a pleasure to see them, all popping down for something to eat before they fly off to who knows where.

News years eve is also a time for reflection on the past year.  Both Venus and I are very strong supporters of direct action; you have to take to the streets and elsewhere to get your message across.   Never rely on government actions as the only route to change, it wont happen; they have to be shamed into taking action for the better, which takes years !.  This year (2020) especially has been a very testing time for millions of good people all over the world.  You have been limited in the actions you can take in being a voice; for example; anti export friends I have here in England have been threatened (for breaking Covid regulations) with £10,000 fines if they take to the docks and try to do what they have always done; that is trying stop live animals from being exported to their deaths in Europe.  In a lot of ways, Covid has worked very well for the authorities; we are all being confined and controlled in what we are allowed to do; the big brother is watching you (via your mobile phones ?) and we (WAV) are probably being monitored by ‘the better people’ from somewhere; so that in the future we can have god knows what thrown back at us should things ever get ‘legal’.

Change for the better has only ever happened because good people have got up off their butts and made it happen.  Please remember that for 2021; when you take actions in defence of the animals.

I started to write here about our live export campaign in England; as a bit of an example; but have decided not to include here as it is too long and possibly irrelevant. 

People take action for animals in many, many different ways.  You do what you feel is right with you and what suits your personal situation best.  This year especially, we have to remember Regan Russell  Search Results for “regan russell” – World Animals Voice  who paid the ultimate price for her dedication towards making a better life and less suffering for animals. 

Just like our own dear Jill here in England who lost her life on 1st February 1995  Search Results for “jill phipps” – World Animals Voice  whilst trying to be a voice for young, exported calves out of Coventry airport; by an arms dealer and convicted drug smuggler.  26 years on in 2021, Jill is quite rightly still remembered in ceremonies at the ports and elsewhere; a young, beautiful and compassionate girl taken out by those involved in a trade which involves so much suffering and abuse by those who do not deserve it.

Tribut für Jill Phipps – YouTube

Remembering Jill, an animal hero – YouTube

I still find it hard to watch these – but now finally at the end of 2020 / Jan 2021 we in the UK are contributing to a government consultation which will hopefully see and end to all live animal exports from the UK.  Jill would have been so receptive of the fact that finally, after  so many years of campaigning; we can now hold the UK government to account and make the demands of stopping this disgusting business.

There is a common theme which runs though all of this;  Jill was taken from her mum Nancy all those years ago; the baby calves she was trying to protect had already been taken from their mums; the tiny hens in intensive systems are taken from their mums and immediately murdered; or put into the abusive cages for yet more egg production.  Baby pigs are taken from their mothers at such an early age; baby dogs in puppy mills; baby lambs hauled off to the slaughterhouse ready for Easter; all issues that go back to youngsters being taken away from the only security they have, and need most at the time when they are separated.

I wish you all a great 2021 and hope that all your dreams and wishes come to fruition.  The fight for giving animals a voice and stopping cruelty the world over is down to the majority now – and we are a majority; getting bigger and stronger every day in direct opposition to the abusers.  They are going to be named and shamed; exposed for all the abuses they undertake.  We at WAV are committed to that for sure.

The animal rights / welfare issue is growing massively; even in places which you never really expect it to.  It is now so easy to become Vegan and throw all cruelty associated with old diets and the cruel methods associated with their production out of the window.

More than many things; I now think the good folk of the USA will see so many positives for animals and the environment after January 2021.  The same with the Amazon; the lungs of our planet.  Many excellent groups who fight tooth and nail for better things; the right things; have been shot down at every step by the problems that live in the White House and other government buildings the world over.  Personally; I think 2021 will be a new year and much better year for you all.  ‘Keep on keeping on’ as we say here ! – for animals and their environment. 

Knowledge, publicity and the use of the internet is something that is with so many of us now each and every day – we can inform the world of abuses and negative issues the same day; and bring about necessary change – that is what 2021 brings for you.  So use it; there is no need for abuse or bad name calling of the abusers; we all hold feelings that may resemble that in our own consciousness; but try to keep polite and respectful regardless; lets continue to get friends by exposing what the others do – and turn any acquaintances they may have away from them.

I just feel that 2021 is going to be a good year for us; 2020 was different but so many positives have happened that the only way now is up; a continuation from 2020.

With the new legal action by UK activists to bring intensive farming to the fore – England: RSPCA calls for cut in meat and dairy as Activists Launch Legal Fight to End Factory Farming. A Real Tester for the Government. – World Animals Voice  lets hope that 2021 sees the start of all cages being broken open and getting what they deserve – ie being trashed !

This track has nothing to do with this post; but we need to go out of the year with a bang; I loved the original Quo (there is only the original); and I and many friends enjoyed following and watching them all over the UK.  It starts off a bit slow, but as a guitar head, I can tell you it just gets better; so take time out and enjoy.

Stick with us please; for the animals;

Regards Mark